Tips To Recreate The Look Of Joanna Gaines' Gorgeous Front Door On A Budget

Joanna Gaines effortlessly inspires plenty of home trends. Many fans have taken her tips and tried to redecorate their homes in similar ways to hers. One feature that catches the eye of the Gaines home is the stunning glass front door. This style allows for plenty of light to stream inside the home for a modern yet timeless look. However, doors with full glass panels can be pricey when purchased new. Luckily, there are ways to DIY this style by adding your own window grids to, ultimately, save yourself a little bit of money.

The French Steel Double Door from Lion Iron Doors costs $4,375.80. Another option is the Modern 3 Lite Full Double Doors from Masterpiece Doors, which costs $4,541 but increases in price by $600 for larger widths. The single versions are similarly expensive, like the Pinksy Iron Door for $3,564 on Build with Ferguson. These prices can increase even more if you choose to get a customized glass front door fabricated by professionals. Luckily, you don't have to break the bank or go out or buy new doors to recreate Gaines' look. By using a few simple tools and items from a hardware store, you can get the look for less.

Add the grid yourself

If you love the look of a grided glass front door but don't want to purchase a brand new one, you can add the grid yourself. This DIY works best if you already have a front door with a large glass pane or one that has grids in between panes. With this method, you will install DIY grills directly onto the glass to create the grid appearance that Joanna Gaines has for her front entryway. For this project, you'll need ½-inch by 2-inch boards. This board from Lowe's, which comes in 2-foot and 3-foot lengths, cost $1.57 and $2.35, respectively. You'll also need a saw, which you'll use to cut the boards to the width of the glass and to trim down to the desired width of the grills.

Use wood glue to adhere all the grid pieces together. Once dry, you can paint the grid and door black to match. Look for an exterior paint that can work on a variety of surfaces so the paint will adhere to both the wood grills and the door material. After the paint has dried, use a construction adhesive, such as the Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive, which can bond to both wood and glass. This glue is also weather-resistant, so you can be sure it will remain secure through the seasons and a variety of weather types. Be sure to repeat the process for the interior side of the door to finish the DIY.

Replace the glass

If you would rather not undergo a DIY project to get the look of Joanna Gaines' gridded glass front door, you could opt to replace the glass in your current door. To best recreate this look, a large pane of glass is optimal. However, you can still replace the glass pane even if it doesn't take up the majority of the feature. You can find glass inserts at Lowes, such as the 22-inch by 64-inch ODL grills framed insert, which cost $473.25. Glass inserts tend to come in standard sizes, so it's possible you may need to have glass fabricated in order to fit your exact door.

With this option to replace the glass, you'll also need to pay for labor to have it installed. On average, this can cost between $100 to $225 for a project that can take between 60 and 90 minutes. Other factors that may affect the price of glass replacement are the size of the plane and whether it is single-, double-, or triple-paned glass. The type of glass can also raise or lower the cost. However, laminated and insulated glasses tend to be better for front doors in the case of safety and security (via Builders Door Outlet). Replacing the glass is a more expensive option than adding a DIY grid, but both options will most likely be less expensive than purchasing a brand-new door to get the look of Gaines' stunning front entrance.