DIY Your Own Customizable Storage Cube With A Few Affordable Dollar Tree Items

People who love to stay busy around the house have one thing in common: an ever-growing collection of tools and gadgets taking up valuable drawer space. If you're running out of room for all of your household must-haves, this DIY could solve your dilemma once and for all. This TikTok tutorial will help you whip up a space-saving storage solution with a few low-cost items from Dollar Tree. No power tools or crafting experience is required; just be sure to have glue and a pair of scissors handy.

The internet is full of Dollar Tree storage DIYs, but this one is among our favorites. This container only takes a few minutes to put together, and its functional design allows you to use both the interior and the exterior for storage. That means maximum value for minimum cost and effort — the best deal possible, if you ask us. Plus, this project is customizable, so you can tinker with it to suit your needs and preferences.

How to build a storage cube with Dollar Tree items

Resourceful TikTok user @thedailydiyer demonstrates the easy steps to building a storage cube with just a couple of dollar-store items, utility scissors, and glue. For this project, you will need four square peg boards, one square foam board, a set of zip ties, and optional peg board hooks.

On your work surface, lay the boards next to each other horizontally. Attach the boards by looping the zip ties through the corner pegs, then stand the boards upright and wrap them into a cube shape. Tighten the zip ties and cut off the ends, then glue the edges of the foam square and attach it to one of the open ends of the structure. At this point, your storage cube is complete, and you can start customizing it to your liking. As shown in the TikTok video, you can use peg board hooks to hang various tools to the exterior of the DIY storage solution and place it on a Lazy Susan turntable for easy browsing.

Not only can you fill the cube with essentials, but you can also use the outer walls for storage. It's the perfect container for office supplies, household tools, jewelry, and accessories. Why stop at just one storage cube when you can have several for just a few extra dollars?

Why DIY? The many benefits of do-it-yourself projects

Shopping is fun and all, but there are many reasons to DIY instead of buying new. Not only is it better for your wallet, but DIY is good for your physical and mental health too. Studies show that when you are immersed in an activity that is both stimulating and productive, such as baking, gardening, or handicrafts, you are likely to experience positive feelings.

A research article in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that individuals who participated in "maker activities" like domestic hobbies, DIY, or crafts reported higher levels of subjective well-being, increased empathy, personal growth, and the ability to live in the present moment. Do-it-yourself projects could also help you combat stress-related diseases. A study by Occupational Therapy International says that activities like visual arts, crafts, and home repairs enhance health by stimulating the neurological system and promoting relaxation.

Building something yourself, even a simple storage container, gives you a sense of accomplishment. Starting with an easy DIY could give you the confidence to tackle a more challenging project. So, go ahead and start crafting because the building process is just as valuable as the finished product.