Here's When To Think About Cutting Down Those Trees Hanging Over Your House

Have you recently moved into a new home with a large tree right up to the side of your house? Although the tree might be beautiful and provide shade, having a large tree too close to your home can pose many problems — from pests to the risk of branches falling on and damaging your house or family. The potential risks may be great enough that you may need to cut down the tree.

So, how do you know if the tree is planted far enough away from your house? Most trees should be a minimum of 15 feet away from your house. If the tree is a smaller species, like a Kousa Dogwood, it can be closer to your house. If your tree is large and closer than 15 feet, you may need to remove it. However, the tree may not necessarily need to be cut down. Whether the tree needs to go depends on several factors, most importantly whether or not it poses a hazard to your property or people. It's also important to consider whether or not the tree could be a problem in the future. Is the tree still growing? If it's not yet mature, consider how much more it will spread or grow. Is it likely to cause problems with your plumbing system, sidewalk, or utility lines in the future? If you do decide to remove the tree, hire a tree removal company to safely cut down the tree for you.

When to cut down large trees close to your house

Should you cut down that tree in your yard? There are several factors to consider when thinking about cutting down trees located close to your house. Is the tree healthy? If it's healthy and not in danger of falling on your roof, then it may not need to be removed. You may need an arborist to inspect your tree and give you a recommendation on removal. If a professional deems that your tree is safe to stay, then you can leave it, but you will need to regularly trim the branches. Branches close to your roof can damage it, and offer a route for pests to get into your home.

If the tree appears to be dying or diseased, then you will definitely need to remove it. A dying tree is at risk of falling down and could pose a hazard to your property, as well as people nearby. How do you know if the tree is dying? It may lean to one side, have missing leaves, or the branches may be brittle. If more than half of the branches are brittle or missing, it's time to remove the tree. Large branches can seriously injure or kill anyone standing underneath them if they fall.