The Powerful Mower One Of Social Media's Biggest Lawn Influencers Recommends

Spencer, who owns SB Mowing, is one of the biggest lawn care influencers on the Internet. He finds houses that are vacant and have extremely overgrown grass because they haven't been mowed in months. After talking to the neighbors, Spencer then mows the lawns for free. Other times, he finds lawns riddled with weeds because the house is owned by an elderly or ill person who can't mow. After talking to the homeowner, Spencer gets to work on tidying up their lawn.

After the homeowner or neighbors see the transformation, they are always ecstatic and so grateful. Spencer showcases his work for his followers on his Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, which collectively have millions of followers and more than two billion views. Many of his videos have gone viral. There's just something so satisfying about watching extreme lawn transformations and seeing people's reactions.

Many of Spencer's followers ask about the equipment that he uses for these extreme lawn transformations. His fans especially want to know what kind of lawn mower he uses. Spencer lists all the equipment he uses on his SB Mowing website. He recently changed to the Bad Boy Revolt mower, but for years before that Spencer relied on the Hustler Super S to cut the lawns he features. This is a very powerful stand-on commercial mower that is best for larger lawns or commercial mowing use.

All about the mower used by social media's lawn star

As you can see in @sbmowing's TikTok, the Hustler Super S makes light work of even the most overgrown and weed-filled lawns. If you have a very large lawn and your grass has grown wild, then this lawn mower is the one that you want. The fact that it's stand-behind is great because you can easily hop on and off the mower. It has speeds of up to 9 MPH, allowing you to tackle a large lawn in no time. The Hustler Super S is also great for tougher terrains. You can see in @sbmowing videos that he takes care of some very challenging terrain with this lawn mower.

The Hustler Super S is a commercial-grade mower, so it is quite expensive. It cost just under $12,500 at Arlington Power Equipment. This might be doable if you are a lawn care pro and own a landscaping company, but if you're looking for a lawn mower for residential use, you might not want to spend that much. A cheaper alternative is the Titan MAX. This lawn mower is available from The Tractor Supply Company for under $7,100. Like the Hustler Super S, it is also a commercial-grade mower, so it's great for lots of acreage and uneven terrain. The Titan MAX is not a stand-behind mower, which are often less convenient and may make it take longer to mow your lawn.