Turn Ordinary Coffee Filters Into Stunning Spring Decor With An Easy Pinterest DIY

Sipping on your morning coffee and thinking about throwing your old coffee filters out? Stop what you're doing. There's a new spring DIY project in town that's got your name on it. Have you heard of a coffee filter spring garland before? Nope, us neither — but that's what Pinterest is for, right? Not only is it the go-to app for all things inspo, but it's also got a great way of highlighting sustainable DIY projects we just have to try out — like these awesome coffee filter spring garlands on Pinterest.

As the new season comes knocking on our doors, it's time to shake off the winter coat(s) and prepare your home for all things spring. Naturally, that comes with some colorful, spring-inspired DIY home decor. The Pinterest-inspired spring garlands using only some old coffee filters, food coloring, and strings eem to have it just right, and we're here for it. Ready to get started? Let's take a closer look.

The ultimate coffee filter garland for spring

Who knew coffee filters could double as decor? We certainly didn't. But it is a cheap, easy, and sustainable DIY project. Although there are many coffee filter garland design options to choose from, we'll undoubtedly take the reigns from Pinterest — and this helpful TikTok from creators @theeventluxe. So gather your tools and get ready — we're talking spring floral vibes around here.

All you need is a large bunch of old coffee filters (dried), some food coloring of your choice, a threading needle, and a long piece of string for hanging. Dye the coffee filters to your desired color(s) and leave them to dry. Once dry, pierce each filter through the middle (you can definitely pierce a few at a time) before running the string through all of them to make your garland. Now, all you have left to do is choose where to hang your sustainable but super cute spring garland. Dreamy.

Top tips for your new spring-inspired DIY home decor

When it comes to making your coffee filter garland, we've got a few tips that may help you decide what's best. For color inspo, think spring: yellows, oranges, and pinks — although it's worth noting your home color scheme to ensure a good match. When it comes to dyeing your filters, most tutorials call for food dye, but you can experiment with watercolors if you prefer — fresh filters are best to use, although if you like the coffee-stained look, go for it. Although your spring garland will undoubtedly look great in your home, try hanging it up in various parts of the house before committing to its final home. Just don't hang it somewhere hazardous — like over a fireplace — or anywhere it may become wet.

Already made your garland and feeling inspired to test your skills on another coffee product? Sweet, we've got something else for you. Introducing the coffee creamer bottle spring garden gnome. Yes, really. Take any old coffee creamer bottle, as well as some burlap, colorful fabric, and an old mop, and you've got yourself an adorably rustic garden gnome. Don't drink coffee or creamer but adore sweet treats? Try out this gorgeous DIY spring wreath made from cupcake liners. Turning cupcake liners into a little flower wreath is the perfect way to dress up your home for spring — plus, you could use leftover cupcake liners in place of filters for a different-looking garland.