TikTok's Space-Saving Idea Hides A Laundry Drying Rack In Plain Sight

Ah, laundry. It's something that is in constant rotation throughout our lives, yet it always appears to be an afterthought. Whether it's a never-ending pile of clothes that needs to get folded away or an overflowing basket of the kids' muddy soccer kit, it always feels like we're getting something wrong when doing laundry. With that in mind, how can you optimize your laundry time and ensure you're helping yourself to do the best of your laundry-handling abilities? Well, TikTok has your answer this time — just don't follow every TikTok laundry hack out there.

This TikTok from @legacyrealty showcases a custom-fit built-in drying rack that will make anyone question why they haven't thought of it before. Complete with six pull-out racks and five hanging rows, it can dry multiple loads of laundry at once, all out of sight, out of mind. What really makes it stand out is the door — surprisingly — once it's closed, you'd think it was just another cupboard behind it. A moment for the magical laundry room please.

Where to buy a laundry drying rack wall

While this specific TikTok demonstrates the laundry rack drying wall, and the creator shows how efficiently it pulls in and out of the closet, it doesn't show how to install it. Well, thanks to our own research and the good folks at DryAway, we've found the solution — where a wide variety of laundry room drying rack frames are available. So, to keep in line with our TikTok laundry rack inspo, DryAway's six-frame laundry rack is 30 inches tall, made from bamboo, and comes in white, among other color options.

This incredible solution's slight downfall is its rather punchy price tag of $1,715 –- and you'll either need to hire someone to install it or do it yourself. But don't let that scare you off. If you're looking for a long-term space-saving solution to your laundry woes, we'd say it's a worthy investment –- and one epic talking point at the next dinner party. Not entirely sold? Wayfair has an alternative you could consider. It doesn't give the whole built-in laundry room drying rack thing, but it makes excellent use of closet space and provides a hanging alternative to your clothes. The best part? It's only $89. See? Not everything has to be a mistake when it comes to laundry.