The Chic DIY Dollar Tree Bathroom Storage Rack That's Perfect For Toilet Paper

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There's no better sound in our ears than these two words: Dollar Tree. You know by now the amount of DIY hacks you can find at the dollar store is endless. No matter if you need inexpensive supplies for building a hanging planter or simply want to snag the latest trend for extra storage in your pantry, it's a store where your imagination can truly go wild. And if you need a bit of help in the imagination department for storing your toilet paper, you've come to the right place.

The issue with most storage units is that they don't make great use of wall space, have improper shelving that makes it difficult to store larger items, or there aren't enough segmented sections to keep items organized in the long run. TikTok user @makeitwithmicah shared a DIY to solve your toilet paper storage problems. She recommends grabbing two metal trellises and a few oval-shaped planters from Dollar Tree to make a hanging storage rack that attaches to your door or wall. This alternative is elegant and will definitely be catching everyone's eye as they go in and out of your bathroom. Plus, it makes for easy accessibility when toilet paper gets low. The rest of the supplies for this DIY are satin paint (in your preferred color), zip ties, ribbon from Amazon, and a few knobs like these from Amazon.

A step-by-step DIY

Once you've collected all of your materials, the first thing you want to do is paint the metal planters. If you're a fan of the original silver metal design, stick with it. It's especially perfect if you have a rustic farmhouse aesthetic in your bathroom and want to add a few finishing touches to the space. For a new coat of paint, HGTV stars swear by color schemes like white, navy, and gray, as well as gold, brown, and cream. Grab a priming and painting duo like this one from Walmart, and let it dry for about six to eight hours. 

While the paint dries, use your zip ties to connect the trellises together. Attach the bottom ends to make one long piece with the tops of the trellises at each end. This will be the backing for the planters. Drill two holes in the backside of each metal planter, then loop another zip tie through those holes in each planter and around the trellis so it stays in place. Finally, hang the unit on your wall with a grippy hook or on a door with an over-the-door hook. 

How to make this yours

TikTok user @makeitwithmicah decorated her hanging storage rack with knobs and ribbon around the planters for an extra level of elegance, but this is where you can truly make the unit your own. If you do want to add knobs, drill a small hole in the front of the planter and push them inside. Otherwise, add your own touches to customize this for your aesthetic.

Other adornments, such as raffia, rope, or cord mesh, can be purchased at Dollar Tree or any craft store to ensure your bathroom design feels true to you. If you have a more minimalist aesthetic, try a design with texture putty instead of paint. Or, if you love the cloth idea, attach a macrame cord around the corners of each basket for a more cottage core feeling. This kit from Amazon will surely help you get the job done.

Now that you've built your hanging storage rack, fill it with toilet paper for easy access for your guests and storing needs for yourself. This will surely beat the typical under-the-sink storage solution we're sure you've opted for in the past. But, if filling the additional spaces with toilet paper doesn't completely mesh with your eye for design, consider adding plants or towels for functionality. Pro tip: Moisture-loving plants are perfect for your bathroom because of the humidity. However you decide to personalize it, we're certain you'll never have issues getting to your toilet paper supply again.