The Clever Milk Jug Hack That Makes Scooping Soil More Convenient

Although a standard hand trowel can work pretty well for shoveling compost and soil, it can sometimes leave a bit to be desired. A larger scoop can be more useful and allow you to work more efficiently in the garden. There are several ways to repurpose empty milk jugs for your garden, but creating a scoop out of a milk jug works especially well. A milk jug scoop can be a great alternative to a small gardening shovel and provide plenty of room to move around organic matter while being easy to use.

To make a scoop out of a milk jug or water jug, you'll need to cut off the bottom. There are several ways to cut a milk jug, but for a soil scoop, it's best to make a cut diagonally while keeping a bit more plastic on the opposite side of the handle. A utility knife works great for getting the cut started, but you may want to use some scissors to finish the job. Once you've finished making the cuts, you'll have a handy scoop available that you can use to efficiently move compost and soil.

Making the most out of repurposed milk jugs

Although this type of milk jug scoop works best for compost and soil, there are many genius ways to repurpose old milk jugs to use around your home. For example, cutting off the bottom half of a milk jug allows you to use it as a planter. You can poke some holes in the lid and use it for watering your garden. So, after you've created this scoop, consider the many household possibilities for other empty milk jugs. 

Milk jugs are made of thin but durable plastic. However, they won't last forever and can easily be crushed. You'll probably need to replace a milk jug scoop eventually. Fortunately, if you drink your fair share of milk anyway, it won't cost you anything to make a replacement whenever you need to do so. Because milk jugs are made of plastic, they're also easy to recycle. Be sure to recycle them when you've stopped using them if you're dedicated to making your home more eco-friendly and minimizing your carbon footprint.