The Stylish Way To Utilize Under-The-Sink Storage Space In Your Bathroom

Have you found yourself working with the tiniest bathroom ever — and no room for storage? Sure, adding in your own storage organizers would be the solution, but all of your bathroom clutter can be quite an eyesore, especially if you care deeply about the design of your space. While there are many clever ways to DIY your own bathroom storage using leftover items around the house, one of the sleekest (and easiest!) solutions for hiding your under-the-sink storage is by hanging a sink skirt. Yes, really — a sink skirt!

If you're afraid that a sink skirt may look dated, well, don't. Turns out, sink skirts are a rising 2024 trend and have even been photographed in celebrity homes, like the skirt around the counter in Lily Allen and David Harbour's kitchen. Skirts also work well for farmhouse-style kitchen sinks and — for this particular purpose — free-standing sinks in small bathrooms. Lucky for you and your small bathroom, setting up a sink skirt requires minimal tools and is an easy project you can finish in a single afternoon. Here's a step-by-step process on how to do it yourself, and a few of our favorite under-the-sink storage tips once the skirt is set up.

How to hang a skirt underneath your sink

Now that we know the sink skirt is making a comeback, let's take advantage of this trend and make one ourselves. For sinks nestled between cabinets — like a farmhouse sink — it's easy to hang up a curtain rod and hang the fabric of our choice. But if your bathroom is simply a tiny box with a toilet and a sink and no cabinets in sight, it means getting creative. And by creative, we mean grab the velcro.

First, pick out the fabric. A patterned fabric can help bring color into an otherwise dull bathroom. However, if you already have a patterned shower curtain, then choosing a solid color that will match with that curtain can help make the space feel cohesive instead of busy and cluttered (we are making this sink skirt to avoid the cluttered look, after all!). Measure out how long and wide your skirt needs to be; you can do this by laying the fabric on the skin and taking measurements. You can either sew your fabric to size, or use an iron-on adhesive.

Once the fabric is sized, attach patches of velcro to the sink as well as along the top inside of the skirt. Once fastened, attach the skirt to your sink, and voilà! Your sleek, sneaky bathroom storage space is ready. Plus, making the skirt easily detachable gives you the option to wash the skirt if need be.

Clever storage solutions for what goes behind your sink skirt

Now that you have a sink skirt covering all of your stuff, you can get creative with your under-sink storage without having to worry about your tiny space looking like a cluttered mess. And thankfully, there are some unbeatable under-sink organizers to keep your space tidy for good. One of the best solutions to utilize all of your space is finding a multi-tiered organizer with baskets or drawers, giving you a lot of spaces to store the things you otherwise wouldn't have room for, like cosmetics, hair products, extra towels, and toilet paper. If you can't find one that works for your space, find a small shelf that does fit, and use your own baskets or stackable plastic containers. Expandable organizers also work when you need to fit oddly shaped spaces, as well as multi-tiered Lazy Susans for storing and grabbing all of your soaps and lotions seamlessly so they all don't topple over.

Regardless of how you decide to organizer your space, make sure that all of your organizers are easy to clean and work well in humid environments, like a bathroom. The last thing you want is for mold to build up in your bathroom, so choose items that are made of steel, plastic, or hard silicone that you can wipe down.