Say Goodbye To Garage Grease Stains With This Dishwasher Tablet Hack

Anybody who has a garage knows that one of the biggest issues with maintaining it is keeping it clean. Sometimes, grease and oil stains seem impossible to remove. There are a lot of flooring options for your garage, but concrete is one of the most common, and the absorbent nature of concrete means that certain stains can soak into its surface. The good news is that you can use an easy household hack to make your driveway and garage floor look fresh and neat. Dishwasher tablets can easily clean grease stains anywhere in your home, and one of those places is your garage floor.

Dishwasher tablets, or pods, clean stains using surfactants. Surfactants lessen the tension of water and allow stains to release and rise to the surface. Surfactants allow oil and water to mix,  and then they can be scrubbed or washed away. In the same way that this works on your dishes, it can work to remove grease stains on your garage floor.

How to use dishwasher tablets to remove stains

Firstly, if there's grease or oil on your concrete floor, make sure to deal with it as soon as possible before the stain has a chance to set. If there is excess oil, apply clay-based kitty litter to the fresh stain and allow it to absorb all liquid. Sweep and then dispose of the litter. Now combine a dishwasher tablet with a small amount of warm water. You want the tablet to start to dissolve and turn into a paste. Rub the paste onto the stain, then allow it to sit for several days. Rinse the stain away with water. This is an easy, inexpensive way to clean up oil stains on your driveway, too.

Of course, it's also helpful if your cars are in good condition and oil doesn't drip onto the concrete in the first place. If you do mechanical work on your car in your garage, use a tarp or large piece of cardboard to protect the floor. Other chemicals, including transmission oil and brake fluid, could also cause stains when working on a car. Follow these same directions for those spots.