Add Extra Storage To Your IKEA Kitchen Island With This Wood DIY

If your kitchen is not very generous when it comes to storage space, a free-standing island may be the perfect solution. The VADHOLMA kitchen island from IKEA is a popular choice among those who wish to maximize function in their kitchens without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Plus, with this simple DIY, you can repurpose an entire section of this kitchen island into extra shelves to store more of your essentials.

Although it already has two shelves installed, you can upgrade this island into the ultimate storage unit with only a small amount of effort and extra cash. All you need is two additional floating shelves, a saw blade, and some double-sided glue tape. This storage upgrade is just the beginning of what you can do with the VADHOLMA island to make it completely your own. It is one of those kitchen islands that will transform your home thanks to its DIY potential. 

Maximize the storage space of your VADHOLMA kitchen island

With its spacious butcher block surface, built-in shelves, and seating nook, the functional design of this kitchen island makes it ideal for smaller spaces. If you're willing to sacrifice the seating area for extra storage space, you can install two additional shelves with this easy DIY, courtesy of TikTok user @harasrodriguez. For this project, you will install the additional shelves on the side of the kitchen island that is meant for bar stool seating. The TikToker demonstrates how to repurpose the legs of the island into platforms for two floating shelves. This DIY does not involve any permanent alterations, so if you change your mind or wish to sell the island someday, it can be restored to its original condition.

For this project, you will need two brown-black BERGSHULT floating shelves from IKEA. Be sure to select the shelves that are 47¼ by 11¾ inches. These are near-perfect in size, but you will need to remove the plastic bevels to make them fit, which you can do with a saw blade attachment on your power drill. To install them, the TikToker attaches small squares of double-sided glue tape to all four corners of the shelves and secures them onto the makeshift platform. By using glue tape, you can remove them without hassle and drill hole markings. That's all it takes to sneak more storage space onto your VADHOLMA island.

Other storage upgrades for your VADHOLMA kitchen island

In addition to extra shelves, there are many innovative ways to spice up your kitchen island and give it some extra function. For starters, you can purchase the VADHOLMA rack add-on, which comes with hooks and an extra shelf for your cookware and accessories. This rack is also ideal for experimenting with decorations, greenery, and hanging baskets. If you love the look of double kitchen islands, the smaller version of the VADHOLMA is a useful and stylish addition to consider.

Another easy trick is to install hooks to the outer edge of the island below the countertop as handy storage for your dish towels or oven mitts. You can also make use of the island's farmhouse aesthetic by adding decorative items to the shelves that can act as storage, such as a woven basket or a wooden crate. For the home DIY enthusiast, this kitchen island is like an artist's blank canvas. With a creative eye, the possibilities are practically endless. You don't need an extravagant budget to make your island one of the most beautiful areas of your home.