Stunning Backsplashes To Pair With Erin Napier's Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Trend

Kitchens are subject to plenty of trends, particularly the cabinetry. Just a few years ago, white cabinets were the go-to for the majority of kitchens, but then painted cabinets rose in popularity, which created more colorful spaces. Designers are always looking for the next trend that will sweep the industry. The red-toned wood cabinets Erin Napier designed for her clients' kitchen are what garnered attention. It's not hard to see why this stunning natural finish would become a favorite. Napier paired this warm wood with a teal, blue, and white patterned tile for the backsplash, which created a beautiful contrasting design that allowed both elements to shine.

Wood finish cabinets are a great option for a kitchen because they bring some natural warmth and texture to the space. Plus, wood can be treated as a neutral color, so there are plenty of tile options to choose from. You'll be able to choose not only a variety of colors but also shapes, sizes, and patterns. In general, the undertones of the wood can help lead you to the color of the backsplash tile. Cooler tones tend to pair best with blues, greens, and purples, while warmer tones work well with yellows, reds, and oranges, although this isn't a hard and fast rule. You can also take into account the overall style of the kitchen. More traditional spaces may opt for a classic white subway tile, but contemporary spaces may want something more geometric.

Red-toned cabinets are great for color

Red-toned woods are a great way to add some natural color to a kitchen, and it's a cabinet color that Erin Napier enthusiastically loves. Using red oak for wood cabinets adds a rich and warm tone to the room. Red oak can feel very traditional, so using a sleek cabinet door can help modernize it. Pair this cabinet color with muted blue tiles for a backsplash. Since both red and blue are primary colors, they easily complement each other. The Sirena Hot glass fan mosaic tile from Floor and Decor is a beautiful option. The red oak will be a grounding force for this elegant blue tile. Or opt for a blue backsplash that is a little more simple, like the Serenity Azul glass tile. This herringbone pattern is a classic that always comes back in style.

Another option with red-toned woods is to choose something that is lighter and with a pink undertone. Consider cherry wood, which can have a pinkish tone to it before it darkens to a red-brown. Opting for a beige or cream tile will be a nice contrast against this shade. The Rosa Pink glossy porcelain subway tile from the Tile Bar, which is a little more of an obvious pink but still light enough not to overtake the design. The Tremezzo Cotto matte porcelain tile is more of a tinted beige, which can bring more organic tones into the kitchen.

Lighter woods can lean a bit more trendy

While any shade of wood will be a timeless choice for your home, lighter options are having a trendier moment. Erin Napier has used lighter wood as kitchen shelves and as an opportunity to showcase earthy-colored accessories. Lighter woods, such as beech, pair well with airy earth tones like sage green. This 4x4 square tile in the color Lake Mint from the Tile Bar is the perfect pale green to use with light wood cabinetry. Square tiles feel like an updated version of retro tiles, and the handmade quality adds a unique texture that feels earthy and natural. However, for a more refined look, the Maverick Green Thassos polished mosaic from Floor and Decor is a good option. It has a pop of green through diamonds set in between white square tiles, which is ideal if you want a more subtle infusion of color.

Maple is another light- to mid-toned wood commonly used for cabinets. This wood, particularly when used with a clear gloss, can have a warm undertone that works well with traditional and contemporary styles. Marble has the same versatile ability, which is what makes them an ideal pair, whether it's a classic white marble with gray veining or more of a statement stone. The Calacatta Violet Purple marble tile from Hey Tiles has dark veins and will add texture and drama that will make a kitchen feel more grandiose. 

Dark, moody, and old-world charm

Erin Napier is no stranger to using darker wood pieces in the home. Her home has a mahogany dining table and wood beams throughout. Darker wood often lends itself to feeling stately and traditional, which can sometimes feel intimidating to work with. But you can lean into darker woods and stains by opting for a moodier look in the room. Pair mahogany cabinets with deep colors like emerald and burgundy to make a classic material feel a bit more chic. The Oliva Emerald textured subway tile from Encore Surfaces has a mossy green color that will create a nature-inspired room with some drama. The Zagora Glossy zellige tile in Rouge from GB Tile Collections will add a vibrant, moody statement while also complementing the mahogany's slight red undertones.

Contrasting the dark finish of walnut cabinets with lighter backsplash tile will evoke a more traditional and charming kitchen design. The Sarina Glossy Porcelain fishtail tile in Sand from Edward Martin will brighten up the room, and this interesting shape will create an artistic feature with a more contemporary touch. Or, choose to make a statement with the Prism Pearl beveled brick tile from the Tile Club. This tile has a pearly finish that can help reflect light and prevent the room from looking too cave-like with dark wood cabinets. Plus, the beveled shape provides texture and interest against the traditional dark wood. Play around with backsplash colors and wood finishes for a customized look.