This Amazing Plant Will Bring Hummingbirds To Your Garden In Droves

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Are you obsessed with hummingbirds? These tiny creatures are among the most interesting fauna that you will see in your garden. Not only are they fun to view, but they also help control common pests like mosquitoes, fruit flies, and ants. So, how do you attract hummingbirds and keep them in your yard? Fortunately, it's easy to draw hummingbirds to your garden or yard with flowers that they like. Due to their fast metabolism, these tiny colorful birds feed pretty frequently — about every 10 minutes. So, they are always on the lookout for flowers that provide a rich source of nectar.

There's one annual plant that has lots of flowers, which hummingbirds love. The Calibrachoa plant is a fast-growing annual that tends to attract lots of pollinators, including both hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant a Calibrachoa in a hanging basket outside your window and watch the hummingbirds flock to it! The Calibrachoa plant has small, nectar-rich flowers that resemble petunias. The flowers come in a variety of bright colors that hummingbirds are attracted to, including hot pink, purple glow, and color burst chocolate. Some flowers feature solid hues while others have patterns, and these plants bloom from spring to fall. To maximize your hummingbird visitors, keep your Calibrachoa healthy.

How to care for Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa plants are ideal for containers and beds, but hummingbirds also love to visit these plants when they hang from baskets or window containers, as well. Calibrachoa plants are fast growers that reach about 8-12 inches tall, and they can spread as much as 24 inches wide. Calibrachoas can trail up to 16 inches. Calibrachoa can be grown as an annual in all USDA hardiness zones, as they are heat and drought-resistant. These plants do best in full sun to partial shade for the best blooms, so at least six hours of sunlight is ideal. They thrive in rich, moist, well-drained soil, so make sure you plant it in a pot that has very good drainage, and only water Calibrachoa when it has dried out.

Calibrachoa plants are easy to care for. Toward the end of summer, cut back your Calibrachoa. You should regularly fertilize your Calibrachoa with a slow-release plant fertilizer, as this will ensure that you get ample blooms and will help keep the hummingbirds coming back! To encourage hummingbirds to stick around your garden, also set up a fountain. Hummingbirds love a continuous stream of water, and you can get a solar-powered fountain from Amazon for $27. Also, make sure your garden includes a safe place for hummingbirds to perch, like a garden swing.