This Clever Storage Hack Will Keep Your Bathroom Functional And Stylish

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Have you been thinking of new ways to add storage to your bathroom, but the sight of one more plastic bin or tub might send you over the edge? While these are great for drawer and under-the-sink organization, sometimes a little aesthetic storage can go a long way, especially in a bathroom. Whether your space is smaller or has plenty of hidden areas to keep items, adding a wicker basket as a "shelf" can transform your entire room and create more accessible containers for everything from towels to toilet paper and beyond. To create chic and budget-friendly storage, all you need are a few (or even just one) wicker basket(s), a drill, and just a tiny bit of vision. If you have unused wicker baskets around the house, why not repurpose them for bathroom storage?

Decorating your bathroom doesn't have to be pricey, and there are a variety of handy tricks that can make it look luxurious on a small budget. If you have unused wicker baskets around the house, why not repurpose them for DIY bathroom storage? You can also buy new versions like these Woven Hyacinth Milkcrates from Target, which can be drilled or nailed to an empty wall. The type of basket you need will vary depending on how big you want them, what you plan to store, and the thickness of the bottom, which will need to allow for two or more screws to fit through the wicker.

Turn wicker baskets into chic shelves

Once you've purchased your baskets, which range between $12 and $70 depending on where you buy them from, you want to place the bottom of the basket flat against your wall where they will be displayed. To keep them anchored, you can either use a drill and secure them with two to four screws in the wall, but you can also use nails and even hangers meant for paintings and pictures. The wicker will remain tethered to any of these and secured to the wall so you can then fill the baskets with items for storage.

The opening should be facing outwards so it looks like an open shelf. Once you've ensured the basket(s) won't come away from the wall, utilize the space they provide by placing hand towels, toilet paper, or even lighter ornaments inside. Because of the material, it's best to stick with cloth or smaller adornments that won't weigh the basket down. If the wicker coloring doesn't quite suit your bathroom style, you can also paint new or even outdated baskets to revive them and match your designs. The finished result will provide a shabby chic aesthetic great for most bathroom designs and will give your washroom a little creative flair!