15 Creative Ways You Should Be Repurposing Magazine Holders Around The House

Ah, magazine holders — what was once a convenient item that kept paper clutter organized in the home office has now become quite obsolete in the digital age. Since most of us don't have tons of physical magazines, newspapers, or other folders to store anymore, many of these items sit unused. However, you shouldn't let your magazine holders go to waste or throw them in the trash. Instead, consider repurposing these old or unwanted items around the house in 15 clever ways.

Magazine holders are made in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes. Some are narrow and plastic while others are larger, wooden, and have ornate decorative details. No matter the style, they're always built with dimensions that can carry more than a few magazines, folders, and papers, which might make them the perfect foundation for that home design project you've been meaning to try. Thankfully, there are several ways to put these holders to use by turning them into closet organizers, seasonal decorations, mail holders, and more. 

1. Pantry shelf organizer

If your pantry is cluttered with plastic container lids, rolls of foil, and other items, why not add some organizational items to the mix to keep everything contained? You can use an old magazine holder to hold anything that you can't find a place for around the kitchen. You may use command strips or hooks to attach the holder to your pantry door or opt for simply placing it on a shelf. Similarly, you could also use a magazine folder for a sneaky cabinet storage solution in this room as well.

2. Unique closet organizer

When there's no place to house your socks, underwear, and any other loose garments, rather than shoving them into an open corner, assign a few magazine holders for these small garments. You can even personalize them with a few organizational labels on the front, so all your clothing items are easy to find. They can easily slide into almost any closet and make items accessible when you're in a hurry. Further, if you reuse magazine holders instead of buying new organizational items, you could save some big bucks.

3. Seasonal decor

Older magazine holders are often made with wooden parts that can be easily disassembled and repurposed into something new. If you have any vintage wooden magazine holders lying around, consider removing the side panels to turn them into a seasonal ornament for a specific holiday. You may choose to paint the uniquely-shaped plank, add a few characteristics (like the face on the ghost featured above), and tie a lettered seasonal banner to both ends as the finishing touch for this easy DIY.

4. Bathroom toilet paper storage

While the toilet paper we're currently using stays on its own designated holder, where do our extra rolls go? Placing a magazine holder near your toilet can help you organize extra toilet paper rolls for an easy grab when you or a guest needs it. Just be sure to wipe down the holder every few days to ensure you're staying clean, as the bathroom is one place that calls for a frequent cleaning routine. Or, if you want the toilet paper to be organized but also out of sight, you could place the magazine holder in a cabinet. 

5. Convenient corner floating shelf

Floating shelves can be a quick and easy way to display some of our favorite memorabilia, such as a collection of books, a picture of someone you love, or items you got while on vacation. Create a quasi-floating shelf by hanging an old narrow magazine holder horizontally in the corner of your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Dress it up with your favorite accessories, pictures, and books and notice how it adds a touch of personality to your space. You'll be able to place items both on top of the holder and also inside the compartment, allowing you to maximize storage space.

6. Organized crafting station

Having a designated crafting station can make you feel more inclined to get creative. If you've been craving some inspiration recently but have felt unmotivated by your cluttered space, grab a magazine holder, hang it on the wall above your crafting area, and fill it up with your crafting tools. Toss in yarn, markers, needles, washi tape, pens, and anything else that may be lying around. That way, you'll have all your tools out of your way but still easily-accessible and in one convenient location. The next time you come across your crafting station, you may be more inclined to give arts and crafts another shot.

7. Heat styling tool holder

Let's face it: There's rarely an ideal place to store your heat-styling tools. Whether you straighten your hair in the bathroom or the bedroom, find a convenient area to place a magazine holder to hold all your heat styling tools so that they're easy to grab when you're getting ready in the morning. You could either hang it on a wall or place it in a cabinet. If your magazine holder has multiple compartments, you can use this item to store other hair accessories as well like brushes. 

8. Vegetable and fruit container

In the kitchen, it's sometimes hard to find the ideal place to store all your fruits and vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated. If that sounds like your situation, consider hanging a mesh tiered magazine holder on the wall to hold all your produce. You could also label the different compartments based on what goes inside to make your cooking more efficient. Further, consider organizing all your fresh produce in a variety of different magazine holders. However, be sure to give the items a quick wash before consuming them.

9. Faux flower or plant holder

No place to put the faux flowers or plants you just found at the store? Try using a vintage ornate magazine holder. Before placing the flowers inside the container, you may want to spray paint the item to give it some character. For instance, a silver holder can create a rustic touch, while a gold color can add sophistication. Once the holder has been painted and dried, place the flower or plant pots inside and display it wherever you desire. While you could simply put the holder on the floor, you could also attach some chain or rope and hang it as well.

10. DIY mail holder

While mail holders aren't too common anymore, they can still be quite useful for some. These are used to hold all the mail that you bring in from the mailbox so it isn't placed on the dining room table or kitchen island. Rather than purchasing an authentic holder, consider repurposing a magazine holder to float near your front door. Be sure to mark the box with an identifying word such as "mailbox" or "mail". If you often send out letters, you could even create two separate compartments for both the mail that comes in and the items that will be sent out.

11. Makeshift spice rack

Magazine holders can be a great way to organize your most-used spices and create a DIY hanging spice rack. To keep all of your spices easily-accessible and make cooking effortless, you may choose to label each container with words like "everyday," "for meats," "spicy," etc., or simply arrange them alphabetically. Keep these holders close to your stove or pantry for an easy grab while you're cooking. This could save you crucial drawer, pantry, or cabinet space in a small kitchen, thereby maximizing your available square footage.

12. Digital clutter organizer

Between wifi routers, TV cables, and video games, there are so many wires that can get intertwined with one another underneath the television. Rather than allow the chaos to ensue, use a couple of magazine holders to store routers, game controllers, and HDMI cables that get in the way of everyday TV use. When it's time to whip out these devices, you may benefit from labeling each holder so that you know what to grab. These magazine holders could be displayed by hanging them directly underneath your TV, or they could be hidden away in an entertainment center. 

13. Firewood rack

During the cold months, you may be inclined to use your fireplace to circulate warm air around the house. If that's true, then you're likely stacked to the brim with firewood. Magazine holders can be a great way to organize firewood and keep it near your fireplace for easy access. This hack is ideal for magazine holders made out of felt or leather that drapes across two metal bars. Furthermore, even if you don't actually use your fireplace for fires or have an electric type, this could still be a gorgeous decorative piece to display in your living room. 

14. Gardening accessories organizer

If you've got a green thumb, magazine holders can make great garden organizers to hold the variety of tools you use around the garden. If you choose to use a magazine holder as a tool organizer, you can hang the rack in your garage, shed, or greenhouse for easy access when you need it. Just place the tools horizontally along the trays typically used for magazines and see how easy it is to keep everything organized.

15. Entryway essentials holder

You should never leave the house without grabbing your keys and wallet, and with an entryway essentials holder, you'll be less inclined to forget these items. Hang one or two magazine holders near the front door and add some hooks to the bottom of them. Then, fill them up with your handy-dandy umbrella, house keys, wallet, jacket, purse, and anything else you may need to grab on your way out of the house. On your way in, you can also place your mail inside the holder before you get the chance to open it.