Transform Your Old Mason Jar Into A Sea Glass-Inspired Display Piece

Embracing beach house decor requires more effort and money than popping a few nautical-themed artworks or furniture into your home. You also need to consider the tiny details, like flower vases and candle holders. But instead of buying expensive vessels, reuse your old glass jars to create sea glass-inspired display pieces. TikTok user @themagnoliamercantile uses Mod Podge, food coloring, and a paintbrush to transform her old Mason jars into sea-themed vases to display cut flowers around her house.

She combines a few drops of food coloring with some Mod Podge. Once she has the right consistency, she dips her paintbrush in the mixture, paints the glass jar, and sets it aside to dry. The DIY project is simple and requires little time and effort. Plus, you don't have to spend money on new craft items, as you probably have the supplies at home. So, grab your old Mason jars, food coloring bottles, glossy Mod Podge, a paintbrush, rope or twine (optional), and some sea-inspired charms (explore thrift stores or the beach for the perfect find!) to bring the sea home. If you don't have Mod Podge handy, combine a white school glue with water in a three-to-one ratio to create your own. However, keep in mind that the DIY Mod Podge might not last long and begin peeling or discoloring after some time. Similarly, you can also substitute the food coloring with some multi-surface paint.

Upcycle your Mason jars into frosted display pieces

Once you have the supplies, rinse out your old Mason jar with soap and water (or wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol) and dry it to ensure the paint adheres well to the glass surface. Next, lay down an old cloth to protect the surface underneath and place the jar upside down. Mix 3 tablespoons of Mod Podge with at least two to three drops (or more for an opaque look) of food coloring. The color depends on your preference and the overall decor. Colors like blue, green, and red are fair game. You can experiment and combine two (or more) colors. For instance, mixing two drops of blue with one drop of green will give you teal.

Now for the fun part. Dip your paintbrush (or sponge pouncer brush, if you have one) and paint the jar in thin strokes. Don't overdo it or apply thick coats, or you could end up with an eyesore. After the jar is covered, let it dry. If you're satisfied with the frosted look, add a twine of rope to the neck and glue charms like seashells, marine life, conches, and anchors to complete the look. Otherwise, apply a fresh coat(s) before popping in a few flowers or candles inside and displaying your sea-glass-inspired Mason jars around the house. Don't forget to let the base coat dry completely before applying a new one, and cover the Mod Podge concoction between applications.