The Plant You'll Want To Keep In The Bathroom For All Of Its Amazing Benefits

The muggy and warm environment of a bathroom isn't just a great place for you and your self-care routines — it's an environment where plants can flourish, too. These spaces are typically pretty sparse in terms of decor, not to mention most decorative objects will just collect mildew and mold stains anyway. On the other hand, plants won't leave you hanging, bringing health benefits and style to your trickiest bathroom. If you're looking to move some leafy pals from your current home jungle or hunting down a brand-new plant to bring to the bathroom, there's one type that should be high on your list thanks to its numerous benefits and low-maintenance way of life: aloe.

You likely already have this plant in your bathroom; it's just bottled up. Prior to becoming a gel that treats pesky sunburns, aloe vera in its original form is a perfect option for placing near your shower, by a sink, or on a window sill. Here are all the benefits that allow aloe to reign supreme when it comes to the best plants for your bathroom or even for rooms that are low on light and extra prone to moisture.

Why aloe is the best plant for a bathroom

The most obvious reason why aloe works so well in a bathroom is for its healing properties. It's anti-inflammatory and often used for problems like burns (whether from the sun or a hot pan). It's found in hair care products as well, cutting down on grease and supporting weak strands. In addition to harvesting aloe vera by taking a leaf off the plant, just its presence alone can boost your bathroom atmosphere. Aloe is considered to be an air-purifying plant. A study done by NASA in the late '80s found that it's capable of cleaning up indoor air pollution.

The plant can also thrive in the warm and moist environment normally found in a bathroom. And even if the temperature dips, it's hardy enough to handle it. Aloe doesn't necessarily need a ton of direct light either, and if you tend to be a forgetful plant parent, it won't hold it against you.

There are several variations of aloe to consider, and each one has its own slight difference. The most common and the best version for your bathroom is aloe vera, but others, such as the Blue Elf aloe, make for a great addition, too.

Other great plants for your bathroom

There are other moisture-loving houseplants that are cut out for life in a bathroom. If your shower space doesn't have the best ventilation and tends to stay muggy, there are leafy bunches that won't falter. Pilea, also called the Chinese money plant, is a fan of the tropics and can handle living on your bathroom shelf. They're relatively easy to care for, too, and the cute, rounded leaves will infuse a little life into your space and help purify the air.

If you have a bathroom with low lighting (aka, one sad little window or no windows whatsoever), there are plants for that, too. Of course, all plants need some kind of light to survive — hello, photosynthesis — but some are capable of going with much less exposure for much longer than others. The famously low-maintenance pothos plant does perfectly fine in low-light environments, and its long vines give a green boost to a bathroom. Every now and then, it's a good idea to bring even your hardiest plants to a spot in a different room to get a little sun or buy them a grow light, if necessary. For now, enjoy the upgrade that these plants — especially aloe — bring.