How A Repurposed Decanter Can Create Gorgeous Storage For Bathroom Essentials

Although many people have an old decanter on a bar cart at home, many aren't using it as well as they could. Decanters are typically used to serve and oxygenate wine and spirits, letting them breathe. However, if you have one lying around that you're not using for this key purpose, you don't need to get rid of it. Decanters have a stylish appearance and can add a touch of elegance to the home, and there are many ingenious upcycle hacks to consider. A decanter can serve as a storage container, a vase, and even a lantern. 

One of the most practical possibilities is to use your old decanter to store bathroom essentials. A decanter is ideal for storing many types of personal care products like shower gel, mouthwash, or hand soap. Consider pouring one of these out of its store-bought container and placing it inside a decanter to make your time in the bathroom feel more luxurious. A decanter can also help you create the perfect vintage bathroom and will be sure to draw the eye of any visitors to your home.

Things to consider before using an old decanter

Keep in mind that not all bathroom products should be poured from their original containers into a decanter. Some items, such as shampoos, need to be in containers that protect their active ingredients from exposure to sunlight. Consider the type of container that your personal care product comes in when deciding whether to pour it into a decanter. As a rule of thumb, if it is initially in a dark container, avoid transferring it to a clear decanter. Put it into an opaque decanter instead to protect the product from deterioration.

You may also want to be careful when using certain old decanters. Some vintage decanters are made of lead crystal, and it may be unsafe to store personal care items in them that could be ingested. You could upcycle a lead crystal decanter for another purpose or use it to store something other than food, shampoo, and personal care products. That is, of course, unless your shampoo is only for some of these uncommon uses around the house.