Keep Your Laundry Hamper Smelling Fresh With This Brilliant Solution

Nothing stinks more than a pile of dirty laundry. Well, maybe that's not entirely true; our kitchen trash bins probably don't smell too good either. But the smell of dirty, stinky laundry certainly isn't a pleasant one. We can't be doing laundry all the time to avoid it, though, so what's the solution? What if we told you there was a clever hack that could eliminate that dirty laundry smell and keep your clothes feeling fresh even though they aren't? It's true! With three simple items that you likely already have in your bedroom or pantry, you can make this laundry dream come true with a DIY filter at the bottom of your hamper.

Posted in a video of laundry hacks by Brittany Vasseur over on YouTube, this hack is rather simple! All you need to make this project happen is an old pair of stockings or a cheesecloth (some kind of breathable fabric), your favorite scented essential oil, and some baking soda to help banish odors. baking soda, and your favorite scented essential oil. Here's how to put it together, and why this simple DIY will eliminate that pungent stench.

Make this little laundry pouch to eliminate that smelly odor

To make this clever DIY, cut the foot of a stocking, but leave enough room to be able to tie some of the fabric at the top — almost like you are cutting the stocking into a quarter-length or mid-thigh sock. Next, scoop a few spoonfuls of baking soda into the sock; if measurements are easier, ⅓ to ½ cup of baking soda will do. Next, apply drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda. You'll want to douse it to really get the scent; around 20 drops should do. Choose an oil that is known to have antibacterial properties such as oregano, thyme, clove, lavender, sage, arborvitae, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. 

Once the baking soda is prepared, tie up the stocking tight with a knot, then place it at the bottom of your laundry hamper. This homemade "filter" will help to get rid of the stench and keep your hamper smelling fresh, but be sure to switch out the baking soda with a fresh pouch every few weeks; it will only work for so long! This also gives you the opportunity to play with different scents that you love.

Why does baking soda work for getting rid of the smell?

It may seem a little too simple to actually work, but we promise, there's science behind the process. Baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural substance that can neutralize unpleasant odors by balancing out pH levels in the air. It's also why we recommend adding baking soda to your laundry load, given the way it can eliminate unpleasant odors that might be sticking to your clothes. The essential oils are then used to refresh the air with a pleasant smell. They work as an antibacterial filter and take over the space of all those bad scents that are being eliminated by the baking soda.

This filter doesn't just work for laundry though. Vasseur explains via YouTube that these homemade pouches can also be great for removing smelly scents from your shoes. Make smaller pouches to tuck into smelly shoes, like athletic shoes or work shoes, and your shoes will smell fresh and clean in no time. Baking soda is also known for eliminating unpleasant smells you might have in your refrigerator as well. Again, be sure to make new filters every few weeks to keep them smelling fresh.