Should You Fix Garage Door Dents Yourself Or Call In A Professional?

Garage door dents are unsightly and could cause further damage later. Sometimes, they can promote rust formation or lead to paint chipping, and a damaged garage door could hurt your home's resale value. The worst part is that you can't always prevent them. Even if you take good care of your garage, the doors can still get dented from hail or physical impact. Dents can also occur if the garage doors are misaligned or poorly installed.

While it's true that you can always call in a professional to fix the situation, don't expect it to be cheap. A garage door repair could cost you big time, depending on the size and severity of the dent. The average cost is $150 to $350, but fixing several dents and restoring the paint can drive the price up. Alternatively, take the matter into your own hands. Small, shallow dents can be fixed with basic tools you may already have in your garage. For example, you could use aluminum foil, compressed air, a hair dryer, or a hot air gun. Suction cups might do the trick, too.

Fixing a dented garage door doesn't have to be difficult

Fixing dents in stainless steel or aluminum is quite easy but requires a bit of dexterity. If the dents in your garage door are small and shallow, try to remove them with suction cups. We're talking about the kind of suction cups or dent pullers used on cars. First, clean the surface around the dent for better suction. Next, place the cup over the dent, pressing down firmly to create a strong seal. Continue to apply pressure, then pull outward to reshape the metal. Repeat until the dent pops out.

Another solution is to fix the dent with heat. Start by cleaning the problem area to remove dirt and debris. Let it dry, then apply aluminum foil over the dent. After that, blow a hot air gun or a hair dryer over the area for 60 seconds or so. When you're done, remove the aluminum foil and spray the dent with compressed air for 30 seconds until it pops back in place. Any of these methods are cheaper than calling in the pros. A suction cup as part of a car dent removal kit costs around $5 to $20 or more, depending on its features. However, heat and suction cups rarely work for large or deep dents. In such cases, you'd be better off reaching out to a trained technician.