The Types Of Exterior Doors Our Real Estate Expert Recommends To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to enhancing the visual charm of your home, the front door is the perfect place to begin. The entrance makes a strong first impression, and it's a critical threshold for standout curb appeal. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Joy Aumann, licensed realtor, interior designer, and co-founder of Luxury SoCal Realty, explained that exterior doors can upgrade your home's entire aesthetic. 

"It has been my opinion for a very long time as a realtor that different types of front doors up the game in your house by enhancing the overall look of a home," she said. In addition to impressing neighbors and visitors, Aumann explains that stunning front door designs go a long way with potential buyers. "From all my years in real estate, the front door truly sets the tone for the whole home," she said. According to Aumann, exceptional exterior doors come in several types. 

Exterior door designs with the best curb appeal

Speaking exclusively with House Digest, real estate expert Joy Aumann explains that some materials are especially gifted at enhancing exterior allure. "Glass doors allow natural light to flood inside, giving off a modern yet inviting feel," she said. "Traditional wood paneling exudes classic charm. And metal doors with unique designs make a contemporary statement."

However, sleek glass or mahogany paneling may not be enough to bring the "wow" factor to your facade. "It's not just the door material that matters," said Aumann. "Thoughtful details contribute greatly too." Curb appeal-conscious homeowners know not to overlook the subtle features, as the small things often stand out the most. "Nice lighting, polished hardware, and decorative flourishes like wreaths or unique door knockers can uplift the entire entrance," Aumann explained. As a focal point of your property, exterior doors are an opportunity to showcase your personal style and set the tone for the atmosphere in your home.

Matching a front door style to your home type

Choosing the right front door to match your home's style can be tricky, but that is no reason to limit your artistic vision. Speaking exclusively with House Digest, luxury real estate brokerage co-founder Joy Aumann said trendy door styles such as glass, metal, and wood paneling can work for every type of home. But more important than the material itself is how effectively it contrasts or complements the exterior of the property.

"Glass and metal pair nicely with sleek, modern houses," said Aumann. "Meanwhile, wood panels harmonize perfectly with more traditionally styled homes like cottages, Victorians, and Colonials by vibrantly bringing wooden touches in harmony with dark colors like seafoam green or royal blue. They both reflect the personality of the owners, so it's also a space for you to get creative." Finding your perfect front door requires time and effort, and if the goal is to upgrade your home's curb appeal, the bar is high. However, Aumann reassures that a well-designed exterior door can make all the difference. "With the right style, hue, and small accents chosen, homeowners can welcome guests warmly from the curb," she said.