The Gross Reason You're Finding Ants In The Bathtub (& Tips To Get Rid Of Them)

Allow us to set the scene: You've just stumbled from the bedroom to the bathroom, ready to conquer the world after a quick shower to wake yourself up. Upon brushing your shower curtain aside, you find a family of ants making a home out of your designated spot for getting clean. Almost involuntarily, you turn the faucet on and wait for the family of ants to circle the drain. You then clean the affected area, hoping you never find ants lurking in your bathroom again. Believe it or not, it could be your daily habits making it easy for ants to wander into your home and find their way to your bathtub. Ants are attracted to moisture, lingering odors, and chemical solutions, all of which play a role in our bathroom habits.

The bathroom is a designated room where we conduct most of our hygiene routines. When we brush our hair or wash our bodies, we leave behind several chemical compounds that inadvertently trigger ants and invite them into our sacred bathroom. That's right — the sudsy collection of shampoo and loose hairs that sit near your bathtub drain is a welcome invitation for ants. Thankfully, that doesn't mean you have to change how you operate the bathroom; rather, you should improve your bathroom cleaning protocol and really get rid of ants for good.

Why ants end up in our bathroom

Our bathroom is filled with cracks and gaps, making it easy for ants to find their way into our homes. More importantly, ants sense when there's something for them in our damp and humid bathrooms — an ideal environment for them and most insects. They may sense water in the tub, a swatch of toothpaste left on the sink, or the soapy aroma that fills our bathroom after a wash. That clump of hair you didn't think twice about before sweeping under the rug might have come back to bite you. Once ants find their desired area, they send out pheromones that call for other members of the colony to join the invasion.

Ants are also partial to dark and warm environments, something our bathroom can provide in addition to shelter, food, and water. It's easy for them to hide in the nooks and crannies we don't think to check before going about our daily habits — until we're faced with ants in our bathtub. Whether you're already a victim of an ant invasion or are keen on avoiding the prospect, we've got a few pieces of advice on preventing and removing ants from your bathroom.

How to prevent ants from entering our bathroom

If you're responsible for the ant invasion in your bathroom, don't worry — you can try a few solutions. For starters, mop up any immediate pools of water. There's no denying that it's hard to avoid getting water on your bathroom floor, but when your eye catches any damp areas, use a mop or cloth to wipe it dry. During and after your shower, keep the bathroom fan on to help circulate the humid air and discourage ants from entering the slightly dryer room. You may consider investing in a dehumidifier for the bathroom, especially if your bug problem is worsening.

While it's easier said than done, cleaning your bathroom at least once a week can make a world of difference. Wipe down your bathtub and sink, and remove any cracks in the wall that may be an entryway for ants. Use this time to remove the bathroom trash, unclog and clear the drain, and potentially target ants that may have already invaded the tub. A homemade solution of white vinegar, boric acid, and essential oils can do the trick. Once you've effectively targeted the colony of ants, follow through with a weekly cleaning routine to ensure you're never faced with an ant invasion again.