Are Warwood Tools Any Good? What We Know

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It's important to have an arsenal of tools handy for when you need a quick fix or want to test out a new DIY project. Every homeowner should have at least the basic tools, like a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench, but there are others that you should add to your collection. Warwood Tool, a brand associated with professionals working in mining, railroad construction, and iron working, is known for its axes, mauls, hooks, and lifters. If you are in the market for these heavier duty tools, you may have come across Warwood — but is the brand any good?

Warwood Tool has been around since 1854 and has an entire neighborhood named after it in West Virginia. But it's not just a historic brand. Today, Warwood Tool continues to have a strong reputation. The team at Woodsmith magazine chose the Warwood double-faced sledgehammer as its best overall pick when ranking sledgehammers. We dove a bit deeper to see what other users have said about Warwood.

Things to know about Warwood tools

While Warwood tools have been around for a while, they are still not super well known among non-industrial workers. For many, when looking for items like hammers, mauls, or other tools, we often head to Home Depot or our local hardware store to buy them. Warwood tools are mostly sold on their website, but you can also find some items on Amazon as well.

Warwood's best-selling items include their Pulaski Axe, which retails for $130, and a 10-pound spike maul for $201. To compare prices, an axe and spike maul on Amazon can usually be found for less than $50. One of Warwood's tools, the Perfect Axe, which retails for $179, has been described as particularly effective for outdoor use, mainly due to its materials and details like the bevels on the head of the axe. And while Warwood tools are relatively expensive, some customers think the cost is worth their high-quality materials and performance. Meanwhile, others aren't so sure...

What people are saying about Warwood tools

Warwood tools are heavy duty and the average person likely won't find a need for the options that Warwood tools offer. But, if you are in the market for a solid hammer or axe, you may want to consider the brand. The double-faced small sledgehammer has an almost five-star overall rating on Amazon and users are impressed. Many reviews point to the high quality of the product; others appreciate the fact that the brand is made in America. Amazon reviewer, Joe C. said "can't say enough good things about this sledgehammer. Super easy to handle. Smooth delivery in use." Another user, Christina, mirrored this review, saying "fantastic build quality hammer, this is well balanced so I feel like I have more control with less effort with each swing."

On the other hand, some users have said that the higher price of the Warwood tools may not be worth it. One user on Reddit asked if the 2-pound double face sledge was worth the $75 price tag. Commenters mainly agreed that less expensive tools, like the Estwing sledgehammer for about $20 on Amazon, is just as good in terms of quality.