How Scrub Daddy PowErase Gel Differs From Other Cleaning Products (& When To Use It)

Everyone wants to find that one product that can do it all. Rather than having a cluttered cleaning supply cabinet that is overrun with different bottles and tubs that tackle niche problems, it would be great to have just one item that can clean everything from upholstery fabrics to bathroom tiles to engineered wood floors to car seats. But since the sprays that are used in bathrooms are often too harsh to use on fabrics, and since floors need more dirt-busting power than car seats, we're forced to invest in different solutions. However, the Scrub Daddy PowErase gel ($10) might be able to help with that. It differs from other products on the market since it can be used on both hard surfaces and fabrics. 

That might sound impossible, but it's true. It's an all-purpose cleaner that comes in a gel format, allowing you to lather the substance on all sorts of surfaces. At the same time, it's safe enough for upholstery and fabrics because it's technically a fabric stain remover, as per its product safety sheet. But since it's not a liquid like most fabric stain removers, it has the potential to clean more surfaces in the house. And since a Scrub Mommy sponge is included with each tub, it's clear that the brand wants you to use it in more areas than just your laundry room. In fact, this product can be used to clean everything from floors to furniture to windows and more.

How the Scrub Daddy PowErase gel differs from other products

The PowErase gel differs from other products on the market because you can use it on both soft and hard surfaces. According to the brand's website, you can use it on thousands of items in your home. That's because the product uses a gentle, creamy, non-toxic formula to bust dirt and lift stains, so it won't harm delicate cloth fibers or sensitive materials such as wood. While the brand doesn't share what sort of ingredients are in the formula, reviewers have found success cleaning everything from rugs to surfaces in the kitchen. So, while other cleaning products may have a long list of items they can't be used on, this item is different as it can be the right Scrub Daddy product to choose for all your cleaning needs

At first glance, this might sound pretty similar to the Scrub Daddy PowerPaste, which is another natural cleanser made by the brand. However, the PowerPaste is different in that its main active ingredient is clay. This means that it has a slight abrasiveness to it, so it can't be used on upholstery or fabrics. It's also a foam consistency instead of a gel. The brand recommends using the PowerPaste on things that need some grit such as greasy pans, shower doors with soap scum, faucets with limescale, and oven doors. It can also be used to remove stains from your white sink

When to use the PowErase gel

The brand's website says that PowErase Gel can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including windows, carpets, floors, and car seats. To use it, simply dip the abrasive side of the Scrub Mommy into the gel and scrub the area, then use the soft side to wipe away the cleaner. If you would like to clean an entire floor or another surface (and not just spot-clean), it's recommended to dilute the gel in water first. It's gentle enough to be used on wood, making it a good option for cleaning hardwood floors or spot-cleaning wooden furniture. It might not be the best product to use to dust wooden furniture since it requires you to rinse off the gel and wood is sensitive to excessive moisture, but if you have a stubborn stain or sticky smudge on a wooden surface, this could help lift it. 

The product can also be used on anything made of fabric like clothing, towels, and stained chair cushions. The gel is safe to use since it contains no bleaching agents, and it appears that buyers have had success with it. For instance, some reviewers shared that it's a great spot cleaner for couches, cushions, and rugs. Another reviewer found it helpful with some tricky laundry, saying that it smelled great and got out both sweat and blood stains. Others have claimed that it works to remove scuff marks and crayon from walls and cleans dirty shoes as well.