Freshen Up Your Space With An Easy DIY Himalayan Salt Diffuser

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If you love natural living, you are likely familiar with the use of essential oils around your home. Whether you put them in a diffuser or add them to your homemade cleaning solutions, they can be a great way to brighten and freshen up the air in your home. Essential oil diffusers, however, can be cost-prohibitive (often running $15 or more), particularly if your home is large and you want natural scents in multiple places. The good news is that there's an easy and affordable way to diffuse essential oils throughout the house, and it looks amazing, too. For this easy DIY, you will need only two ingredients: coarse Himalayan salt and essential oils. 

You may be wondering how salt will help to diffuse essential oil throughout your home, after all, it doesn't contain a motor or liquid like most diffusers on the market today. The answer is simple and satisfying: salt helps to absorb unpleasant odors and also provides a surface that the essential oils can cling to, helping to deodorize your home with a fresh smell. An open container of salt is also an easy hack to dehumidify a space and prevent the accumulation of moisture, which will decrease the chances of mold growth.

How to make your diffuser

To begin, you will need to gather your materials, which will include the Himalayan salt, essential oil, and a lovely bowl of choice. Himalayan salt can be purchased at most grocery stores, or you can grab some online ($11.95 on Amazon) — buying large quantities will almost always offer a better value than purchasing a small container of the salt. Pour a small amount of salt (a couple tablespoons should do), and sprinkle several drops of your favorite essential oil to the salt. Always purchase your oil from a reputable company to avoid getting stuck with a counterfeit. Peppermint works wonderfully if you are seeking a clean scent ($10 on Amazon), or you can go with a bright citrus oil ($10 on Amazon). Use a spoon and mix the oils into the salt, then place the bowl wherever you like.

If your bathroom vanity has room, this can be a charming and relaxing addition to the space, or you could position in the foyer with the best essential oils for your entryway. You can stir the salt when you notice the crystals do not smell as strongly as they used to and refresh them with more oil. Instead of throwing the salt away after a few weeks, recycle it by pouring into a warm tub of water to soak in. Finally, since this diffuser looks and smells so inviting, remember to keep it out of reach from animals and young children.