How To Hang Non-IKEA Curtains On The VIDGA Track

Curtains are important pieces in the home; they level up your home's aesthetic and keep it safe from dusts and allergens. However, curtain track systems, which are great at blending style and functionality, often come with a hefty price tag. An excellent viral curtain alternative that won't break the bank is the IKEA VIDGA track system. Aside from adding a sleek, minimalist touch to your rooms, its major selling point is its customizability — you can solve tricky problems like doing curtain styling hacks for corner windows thanks to its single to triple tracks, extendable options, and corner connectors. The only problem, which is common in many IKEA pieces, is how it's created to work best with other IKEA items. If you've got the VIDGA track up, you might find yourself boxed in with curtain choices. Fortunately, a workaround posted by YouTube user Juju's Journey allows you to adapt the VIDGA track to accommodate a variety of curtain types.

IKEA's VIDGA track is specifically designed to pair with its own gliders and hooks. Note that these are sold separately, but you've likely bought them during your last IKEA trip. These gliders and hooks are optimized for use with pleated curtains or those featuring gathering tape. As a result, the VIDGA system might not readily accommodate other types of curtains. A clever solution is to use hooks to bridge this incompatibility issue.

Purchase IKEA RIKTIG curtain hooks

Finding the right curtain hooks is the key to adapting your curtains for the VIDGA track system. The hooks that come with the IKEA VIDGA track only work with curtains sold on IKEA and those with gathering or pleat tapes. So if the best bedroom curtains you have are not from IKEA and lack loops or tapes, a workaround is to purchase the IKEA RIKTIG curtain hooks with clips. This attachment lets you clip the curtains at one end and hook them to the VIDGA gliders at the other. A minor drawback of using clips is their visibility, which might not blend well with your curtain's aesthetic. Depending on your curtain's thickness, clipping a few inches in from the edge of the curtain can help conceal the clips, keeping them out of sight for a cleaner look.

The IKEA RIKTIG curtain hooks are sold for $4.99 per pack, with each pack containing 24 pieces — the same number of hooks and gliders in a pack of IKEA VIDGA gliders with hooks. If you have a particularly long track system or have one with multiple tracks, now is the best time to get more RIKTIG and VIDGA hooks. Also, consider the look you're going for. You can go with fewer pleats for a simpler, more relaxed feel. If you need more pleats, you'll need to install more hooks on your curtains.

Remove the original hooks from the gliders

You need to remove the original hooks that come with the VIDGA gliders so you can attach the RIKTIG hooks to them. However, doing this can be a bit tricky and painful for the fingers. For a safer and easier approach, take down the gliders along with the hooks from the track entirely. This way, you can comfortably remove each hook one by one while sitting or standing on a stable surface, rather than trying to do it directly from the track while balancing on a ladder or stool.

To remove the gliders from the curtain track, remove the end cap at the edge of the track with an Allen wrench. Once the end cap is off, you can slide the gliders out of the track. After removing the gliders, detach the hooks from them. Then, slide the gliders back into the track. If your project requires additional gliders, this is the ideal time to insert them. Remember that you might have to adjust the number of gliders later, either by adding more or removing some, so it's best not to reattach the end cap immediately.

Evenly attach the clips to the curtain

Before attaching the hooks to your curtain, consider which curtains to use and see if they work well with the track system. For example, curtains with metal rings might not be the best fit aesthetically for this track since the rings could pose a challenge for smooth operation. Curtains with back tabs and rod pockets, similar to what Juju's Journey installed in her VIDGA track, are much easier to use with the hooks since there are no attachments to work with.

Start by attaching your RIKTIG clips to your curtains; make sure that the open part of the hook faces the back of the curtain. Juju's Journey shared a clever hack to evenly distribute the clips on the curtain. Fold the curtains and attach clips to either end — this way, you're placing them in the exact half of the curtain. Keep folding the curtain in half and place the clips on the edges of the fold. The result is a completely even, pleated look. If you want more pleats, keep folding the curtain in half and place more hooks. If you use too few hooks on your curtain, you'll end up with noticeable gaps between the folds, which can detract from the curtain's overall appearance and functionality.

Hook the clips onto the track

Once all the gliders are ready in the track and all the hooks are evenly placed on your curtains, it's time to hook them into the track. Once done, remove any excess gliders on the track and attach the end cap using an Allen wrench.