Tying Brightly-Colored Ribbons To A Feeder Will Attract This Spring Bird

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Whether you're an experienced bird watcher or not, finding ways to attract birds to your yard always adds an element of excitement, especially when a new flying friend takes notice. If you've been trying to bring finches to your feeders, there's one simple trick that can encourage them to drop by more often. Tying brightly-colored ribbons to your feeder (and around your yard in general) can catch finches' eyes and lure them to your space more easily. You can use this trick with DIY bird feeders or standard store-bought options. All you need to do is attach the fabric to the outside and surrounding areas.

Finches are a great bird to have in your garden since they can eat a large amount of weed seeds, keeping your yard from becoming overgrown and unkempt. To encourage them to visit more often, you might want to try other elements that attract them besides the standard water source and feeder. This can come in the form of brightly colored flowers or ribbons, a more accessible attraction that doesn't take as long to curate. Birds love bright colors that resemble their species' plumage, so yellow, red, purple, and blue are all good options to attract feathered friends and are easily found in craft stores. They can be tied around your feeder, trees, and areas where finches spend time.

Tie ribbons on your feeders to replicate bright flowers

Birds have a sharp eye for colors, and some species have up to five color receptors. Thanks to the cones that reside in their retinas, their vision allows them to even see UV radiation, and this is why bright colors have such a strong effect on them. Flowers and ribbons both offer these alluring colors, which will attract finches to your garden and encourage them to stay and come back. Because flowers can take longer to grow and require upkeep, using ribbons will allow you to start bringing birds to your yard faster since the shades are similar to colorful blooms.

For the best results, purchase several spools of ribbon in varying colors, especially bright shades of yellow and red. You can pick up two rolls of colored ribbon for as low as $4.99 from Amazon at the time of writing. You will want to cut enough length so that the ends of the ribbon can blow around in any breeze that might catch them, which produces an alluring sight for birds who might be flying nearby. The trailing ends signal to the birds that the area is safe, alerting them to the fact that other birds have been around the feeder. They will come to inspect the colorful fabric, then most likely stay for some water and food. Make sure to tie the ribbons securely to the feeder, any trees or branches that reside nearby, or even a bird bath, but avoid placing them in the way of the feed or water.