Will Aluminum Foil Keep Birds From Munching On Your Grass Seed?

If you've put in the effort to plant fresh grass seed, you don't want your effort to go to waste. Unfortunately, birds may come along and munch on your grass seed and ruin some of your work. Although attracting birds to your yard might lead to healthier grass in some cases, they can cause problems if you've just started growing your lawn from seed. 

To stop birds from munching on your grass seed, you have to find a way to deter them. Anecdotally, one of the options that homeowners claim works wonders is aluminum foil. Birds don't like shiny objects or anything reflective. Because it reflects the sun, this simple kitchen item is thought to be a great bird deterrent. Birds don't like the way aluminum foil looks, and they don't much care for how it feels, either. While it's true that aluminum foil repels birds, it's best to use it with other methods. There are a variety of ways to deter birds and you may need to try a few of them to find what works best for you.

How to repel birds with aluminum foil

To use aluminum foil to repel birds, grab a bit and add it to your yard. Place it where you're growing new grass or where birds are causing the most trouble. The first method of using aluminum is to place it on the ground. Add strips of aluminum to spots where birds are eating grass seed and space the strips out a bit to cover the area and discourage them from coming near. 

Another option is placing aluminum high up where it reflects the sun well. You might want to tie aluminum foil to a string and hang it from a tree or another part of your home above your lawn. In addition to using aluminum for this purpose, other shiny objects can also work. Consider hanging CDs, reflective party streamers, or other shiny objects from the trees near your lawn to discourage unwanted visitors. You could also simply place some small mirrors around your lawn.

Other ways to stop birds from munching on grass seed

You can also scare birds away with other methods. To keep birds from eating your grass seed, you can scare them off by setting up a scarecrow or an imitation bird of prey. Playing certain sounds in your yard can also help deter birds, as well. Playing a recording with bird of prey sounds or other unusual noises can frighten birds away. Placing other food sources around your home can also be helpful. There are many benefits of having a bird feeder in your yard, and if you add one, birds may choose to eat seed from the bird feeder instead of the grass seed.

In addition to scaring birds, you can also cover up your lawn so that birds can't reach your grass seed. Consider placing a net over your lawn, adding topsoil or compost, or covering the area with straw instead.