The Low-Maintenance Houseplant You Can Easily Grow In Water

Whether you're a budding plant parent or simply a forgetful one, low-maintenance houseplants are always a safe choice. At the top of our list of favorite easy-care indoor plants is the Chinese evergreen, or aglaonema. This colorful and naturally air-purifying flowering plant can be propagated in water, meaning that no soil is required for it to grow its big and bright leaves. Plant parents will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to grow and take care of Chinese Evergreens. All you will need is a healthy stem from a mature plant and a glass of water to get started.

If you struggle to adhere to a care schedule for your plants, you can toss your woes aside. Chinese Evergreens are resilient and will do just fine with indirect sunlight and some occasional TLC, making them one of the easiest houseplants that anyone can keep alive. The vibrant leaves will add a pop of tropical flair to your home. Plus, without messy soil to worry about, you can display your Chinese Evergreen in many creative ways.

Add a burst of color to your space with Chinese Evergreen

This vibrant, easygoing plant is a beautiful addition to your space, specifically in areas with moderate sun exposure. There are several varieties of the Aglaonema plant, each with distinct colors and patterns. The Red Siam, for example, is recognizable for its bright red-patterned leaves with yellow specks. The Silver Queen has pale silver and deep green leaves, and the White Joy is a stunning off-white shade with green edges.

To grow your Chinese Evergreen in water, cut a healthy stem from a mature plant and place it in a glass jar or container with distilled or fresh rainwater at room temperature. Ensure that only the tip of the plant is submerged in water, as these roots are fragile and could rot — for this reason, hydroponic Chinese Evergreens are not often successful at being transitioned to soil. Chinese Evergreens are hardy plants and do not need much attention to thrive, as long as you replenish the water every other day and dust the leaves regularly. To help it grow, add liquid fertilizer to the water once monthly. If the jar is transparent, consider adding decorative stones for visual appeal. The plant will grow rather quickly if all of its needs are met and could begin to form roots within two weeks of propagation.  

The benefits of houseplants that grow in water

Hydroponic plants, which thrive in water without the need for soil or regular watering, are ideal for beginners. While some hydroponic plants may need more care and attention than others, the Chinese Evergreen is especially low-maintenance. Not only is it pretty to look at, but Aglaonema is also an air-purifying plant that produces oxygen and removes harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere.

Indoor plants that can grow in water are not nearly as messy as potted plants, which you may appreciate if you have curious pets in the home. It's worth mentioning that Chinese Evergreens are toxic to cats and dogs, so be sure to place it somewhere their paws can't reach. Another benefit of water-grown plants is their versatility. Decor enthusiasts can display hydroponic plants in many creative ways, such as in glass bulbs, thin tubes, and wall-mounted planters. Hydroponic plants — and Chinese Evergreens, in particular — will satisfy your green thumb without asking for much in return.