Clever Ways You Can Get Organized With A Budget-Friendly IKEA VARIERA Trash Can

These days it's all about versatility. Consumers see little benefit in spending their hard-earned money on a niche product they're only going to use on a limited basis. Instead, the trend is to look for reasonably priced items that can be utilized in a variety of rooms and different circumstances. The IKEA Variera trash can (or recycle bin, in the product details) is available in the giant warehouse store's kitchen accessories area for the low price of $4.99. However, its sturdy construction and slim profile make it a convenient storage option in almost any room of your house, and any messes easily wash right off of it. Moreover, it's pre-drilled to accommodate being mounted to the wall with screws, but it can also be attached with adhesive strips, glue, suction cups, or hung by any kind of hook or nail. So, whether you're looking to free up storage space in your closet, create a kids' catchall, use it as originally intended, or any of a dozen other possibilities, the IKEA Variera can seems like a great buy.

Leftover plastic grocery bags

Since their inception in 1965, plastic, two-handled grocery bags have become almost universally offered at retail establishments as a means for customers to carry purchases home. But afterward, grocery bags tend to hang around our houses indefinitely. Perhaps one bag lines a trash can, or serves as an impromptu lunch bag, or is offered up at our own yard sale to anyone relieving us of used baby clothes and paperbacks. But most bags wind up stuffed under the kitchen sink. Make them more accessible by stuffing them into a Variera can mounted inside the cabinet door. You can pull a bag off the top, or out the holes.

Sorting craft supplies

Crafting can easily become so much more than a hobby. For the serious crafter, crafting can take up an entire room — or, at least the entire kitchen table. But wherever you craft, it's imperative that those supplies get sorted into easily accessible bins. Stackable bins are a popular option, but for items that you'd like to keep a little more visible and easy to grab — things you use frequently and want to find quickly — sorting them into hanging Variera bins is more efficient. Sticker sheets, scrapbooks, mini canvases, pipe cleaners, and much more can go inside.

Gift wrap station

If you have a small home or apartment, chances are you don't have the space for a giant gift-wrapping center. Luckily, the IKEA Variera can help. Paired with the IKEA Sunnersta container ($0.99), the Variera can forms an efficient little gift wrap station. At 10 inches wide, the Variera bin can hold several thin rolls of gift wrap toward the back of the bin while gift bags and large ribbon spools fit in front. The smaller Sunnersta bins hang from the front of the Variera and can hold small bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, and anything else you need.

Food scraps for compost

There are many benefits to composting at home, which transforms organic matter into nutrient-rich loam for your garden. It conserves water, improves soil, and reduces food waste in landfills. Small twigs and dead leaves from your yard can be added to your pile, as can certain food scraps from your kitchen. Fruit and vegetable remnants, tea bags, coffee grounds, and even eggshells can be added to a small paper bag inserted in your Variera bin mounted inside the cabinet door under the kitchen sink and taken out to the compost pile whenever the bin fills up.

Wardrobe small storage

Socks are notoriously difficult to wrangle. They're always getting lost, but if you ball them together to prevent such annoying losses, they make for an unruly dresser drawer. Enter the Variera bin from IKEA. Hung inside a wardrobe or on a closet door or wall, they offer an ideal place to toss your freshly clean balled up socks or retrieve a pair. Even better, it's a great way to practice your small-bin basketball skills. You could also use the Variera in your coat closet for winter hats (with matching gloves stuffed inside) and small umbrellas.

Classroom learning centers

You can find several uses for the IKEA Variera bin in every room of your house, but don't stop there. If you're a teacher, it's also a great addition to your classroom. Setting up your classroom at the end of each summer is a ritual that you can spend weeks planning every detail for. If you have self-guided learning centers in different areas of the room, color-coded folders for different class periods, or places for students to drop off or pick up materials, the Variera is an affordable and resilient option.

Rabbit hay feeders

If you have a pet rabbit, it needs unlimited access to high-quality grass hay. High in fiber, hay is the cornerstone of rabbits' diets and very necessary for their digestive and dental health. The open-holed design of the Variera bin makes it an ideal hay feeder hack. Simply hang one or two bins in the cage and block the back side with a paper bag or contact paper to prevent losing hay. Stuff the bin(s) with as much hay as they can hold and make sure it's poking it through all of the bin's holes so your rabbit can munch away at will.

Manage your yarn

If you're someone who knits or crochets, storing and managing your works in progress is always a matter of concern. Twisting, tangling, and unraveling are irritating enough, but working with several different colors can get hectic fast. With its holes, however, the IKEA Variera offers an easy and inexpensive way to manage multiple skeins of yarn at once. Mount the bin next to your favorite knitting chair and string each different yarn you're using out a different hole. When you need a break, your project can be laid right on top and get picked up again anytime.

Bath toy bin

Anyone with small children knows that bathtime comes with a lot of paraphernalia, quickly cluttering the space. What makes the IKEA Variera such a smart choice when it comes to storing cognitively beneficial tub toys is the unique design of the bins. With evenly spaced openings on four sides, air is able to flow freely around whatever's stored inside, keeping things dry to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Any water collected in the bottom can be easily poured out and wiped away, and the bin is easily stored in or outside the tub.

As an actual waste bin

There are probably many more places in your home that could use a small wastebasket than you realize. In fact, a good general rule is to have one in every room because it makes for easier tidying up, but most rooms don't need a large can. Hide bathroom trash in a Variera bin hung inside the vanity cabinet. Put one against the wall or nightstand next to your bed. Maybe stick one to the back of an end table in the living room. The Variera bin is discrete yet perfectly suited for your needs.