What Reviews Are Saying About The Multi-Functional LANESPELARE IKEA Blanket

Any time something is labeled as a multi-purpose item, it catches the attention of people who love functionality. A coffee table that doubles as storage, a paper towel holder that also stores foil and plastic wrap rolls — anything to make life a little easier and a lot more convenient is a good investment. IKEA reigns supreme when it comes to creating practical items, and social media has shown that many of its pieces can be used for a variety of purposes outside those it's advertised for. In that vein, the LÅNESPELARE blanket, which currently retails for $39.99 on IKEA's website, serves as both a cushion and a cover, making it a useful addition when trying to create the perfect relaxing space.

The best way to determine if an item is worth the price is to check the reviews. While IKEA does a lot of things right, there are always a few pieces in any store that miss the mark. The good news about the LÅNESPELARE is that, while some people had issues with the overall quality, most reviewers were thrilled with this clever invention, and it has an overall positive rating. Let's dive into what people disliked and generally enjoyed about this product to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

A comfortable blanket/pillow combination

Most of the reviews lean toward the positive aspects of the product, noting how warm and comfortable it is. For instance, on the IKEA website, one person said, "Got this for hubby as a gift... At first, he thought it was just a pillow, but when he opened it, he realized it was something he could wear, carry a few things in the pocket, and stay warm." Other reviewers said they loved it and that it was great for sitting outside on chilly evenings. The gaming community also touts the LÅNESPELARE as a great blanket/cushion to use while playing because of the warmth and extra support it offers.

However, there were a few people who were less than impressed in the reviews on IKEA's website. One person found it difficult to fold back together after the first use, while another said the zipper was thin. A 1-star reviewer explained their frustration, noting that "This is by far the most uncomfortable pillow/blanket I have ever owned. First of all, it's flat, which is surprising considering all the material stuffed inside. Second, it's not soft or comfortable." One purchaser also warned that those wearing layers or with larger arms could struggle to use the built-in sleeves, which run on the tighter side. However, with an overall agreement that this product is worth the purchase, it's definitely a great option for those who like multi-functional items. Further, it provides instant blanket storage for clutter-free minimalists.