Use This DIY To Restore Your Outdoor Wooden Features

Wood is an excellent home construction material due to its durability, strength, and versatility. It also lends a luxurious, rustic feel to any space, which is probably why it's such a favorite for home exteriors. Whether it's an outdoor deck, pergola, post, or feature wall, regular maintenance on your outdoor wood features is key to extending their life and keeping them looking sharp and elegant. But here's the thing: outdoor wood is constantly battling the elements, making it prone to weathering, mold, and rot. If left unchecked, this can turn your once beautiful wood gray, grungy, and downright unsightly. This makes it crucial to weatherproof your outdoor furniture and other wooden features. While restoring your outdoor wooden features can look daunting, it isn't too hard. See how easy TikToker @brunoandlibby made restoring her cedar posts look — all she did was simply clean, sand, and stain them.

Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays causes a chemical reaction within the wood's cellulose. This photochemical degradation breaks down lignin, which gives wood its natural color. The end result is a silvery-gray weathered look. At the same time, moisture and oxidation due to exposure to moisture and air accelerate this degradation. Wood is also susceptible to molds, which can give rise to brown, black, or green discoloration on the wood's surface. Fortunately, all it takes is a good cleaning, some handy tools like a sander, and the right materials for refinishing your wood to keep it looking its best.

How to restore your outdoor wood features

While TikTok user @brunoandlibby kicked off her DIY project with a cleaner, starting with a dry brush could be more effective for your initial cleanup. This simple step helps successfully remove mold from wood, along with algae, dust, and grime. Remember to wear a mask to prevent inhaling any harmful spores. If available, use a vacuum with a brush attachment, as this can also be effective in cleaning off debris — similar to what YouTuber Fix This Build That did. After brushing the surface, use your preferred mold and mildew remover and a scrub brush to remove the remaining mold and mildew from the surface.

Proceed to lightly sand the surface before applying your preferred pre-stain wood conditioner and wood stain. Although @brunoandlibby's tutorial may have skipped this, finish up by applying a weather-resistant sealant or finish. This helps prevent further degradation, extend the life of your wood, and maintain its appearance, which is exactly what you need to know about waterproofing wood. That's it — your wood exterior should look as good as new!