How To Upgrade Your Kitchen's Coziness With Plush Accents

Does your kitchen feel just a tad too, well, hard? Most kitchens are designed to be chic in their functionality, but the countertops, appliances, and surfaces all give off a more severe tone than other rooms in the house. While this is great for cleaning purposes, many homes see people using the kitchen as a place to socialize as well, which is why adding some comfort throughout the room could make it more enjoyable. If you've been wanting to cozy up your kitchen, you only need to think outside the box and the transformation will astound you. By adding throws, cushions, and even rugs, you can create a truly inviting space without much work at all!

Your cooking area is filled with important surfaces that allow you to prep, chop, bake, and sautee. Hard floors and hard countertops are necessary since they are easily wiped down from grease, spills, and even bacteria. While you need these areas to be efficient and low maintenance, it's also good to introduce a little bit of softness into your kitchen so people feel comfortable when they are in there. Even if you don't have a lot of room to work with, you can throw in a few simple touches to upgrade your kitchen that will encourage people to sit and stay awhile, give you a place to relax while you wait for food to finish cooking, or just to take a load off for a moment's rest.

Cozy up your kitchen with throws and cushions

Depending on how your kitchen is set up, there are several ways to introduce a warmer ambiance without going overboard. If you have a kitchen island with seating around it, opt for cushioned seats over hard surfaces, which will make them more comfortable to sit on for longer periods. If you have chairs rather than stools, add smaller pillows to provide support and introduce softer elements into the room. You can also drape blankets and throws over benches or high-backed chairs to add more homey options for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen sipping tea, reading, or just conversing over snacks. Already own hard-surfaced seats? Grab some chic seat covers to match your aesthetic.

If you're thinking about including an area rug in the kitchen, it's important to consider materials and fabrics, since these are more likely to be subjected to spills and splatters with food being prepared around them. Low-pile rugs are great for adding soft textiles to hard flooring, and they are easier to care for. Anything that can be washed in the washing machine will save you time, too. This applies to blanket and pillow cover fabrics. When you're picking out styles for your kitchen, always opt for synthetic microfibers or linen blends over wool, as the latter can be harder to remove stains from.