Top-Rated Cleaning Essentials From IKEA (And Which Ones To Avoid)

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Having a clean home is one of the simplest pleasures. While there are always countless products promising to help you achieve the goal of a fresh and tidy home, sometimes the best items are affordable and practical. IKEA is well-known as a staple for home-related items, and their cleaning products offer the same affordability and practicality that you have come to count on in their other categories. While IKEA's cleaning products can be easy to overlook, their low prices and high reviews make them a worthwhile consideration for any housekeeper or homeowner.

One of the highest-rated cleaning tools from the Swedish retail giant is their shower squeegee, LILLNAGGEN ($1.99 at IKEA). With over 900 reviews and a 4.5-star average, this simple product does what it is designed to do extraordinarily well. Unlike other squeegees that are more expensive, this affordable option means you can purchase a couple or few so they are placed throughout the house whenever you need them. Keep one in your bathroom to wipe extra moisture off of your mirror or shower doors, which will cut down on water stains and mildew. Another popular and affordable tool to add to your arsenal is their PEPPRIG microfiber cloth that comes in a 3-pack ($1.99). Instead of shelling out money on more expensive microfiber cloths — which can easily cost upwards of $5 for a single cloth — or using a tremendous amount of paper towels on cleaning day, try picking up a pack or two of IKEA's instead. To improve your results, refresh your knowledge of what you can wash with a microfiber cloth.

More highly-rated tools

Looking for a dual bucket system for housecleaning day? The PEPPRIG 3-bucket set with lid ($14.99) has got you covered. This highly useful item may just become an essential in your home, thanks to its functionality. The smaller 1-gallon bucket can be used to rinse out a dirty cleaning rag, while the larger 3-gallon bucket can be filled with fresh water and cleaning solution; this will eliminate unnecessary trips to the sink to refresh your cloth. The snap on lid can be a helpful addition to keep thirsty pets out of the bucket while it's in use, and the practical handle makes it easier than ever to move from room to room.

If you find yourself washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, or cleaning the hardest sports in the bathroom, you need to be using cleaning gloves. Not only will they protect your skin against over-washing and dryness, but they are also integral to your health whenever coming into contact with unsanitary surfaces or harsh cleaners. IKEA's RINNIG cleaning gloves ($1.99) are affordable and practical — also, available in bright yellow or green — offering a mid-arm height to keep your skin protected. The gloves are designed to be ideal for gripping, while the low price means you can have a couple pairs around the house: one for kitchen and household cleaning, another for bathrooms and other messy situations.

What to avoid

While there is lots to love about IKEA's home cleaning tools, not every product is a home run. The PEPPRIG dustpan and broom ($14.99) offers the helpful innovation of a "toothed edge" on the dustpan to clean the brush bristles, but falls rather flat when it comes to customer satisfaction. Many buyers complain that the lip of the dustpan is too thick, which prevents the swept-up debris from making it into the pan. Others state that the length of the broom is too short, unless you are below-average height. For a more highly reviewed product, consider Target's Made By Design Floor Broom with Clip-On Dust Pan ($10).

IKEA's PEPPRIG squeeze-clean flat mop ($9.99) is another product that seems better in theory than in reality. The mechanism that is meant to squeeze out the water is said by some customers to be difficult to maneuver. Instead of this product, you may prefer the O-Cedar 3-Action Flip Mop ($14.98 at Walmart), which uses microfiber to effectively remove bacteria from your floors. For the best results, remember to pair whatever mop you use with a straightforward DIY cleaner that harnesses the power of vinegar and essential oils.