Use This Toothpick Hack To Fix Your Leaky Garden Hose In A Pinch

Whether you're outside washing your car on a hot summer day or watering plants in your garden, suddenly discovering leaks in your garden hose can be a big problem. You may feel like you need to quit what you're doing and immediately get a brand-new garden hose before proceeding with your chores. However, you don't need to let a small leak ruin your plans for the day. if you have one simple item around the home, you can use it to fix a small pinhole leak and get back to important yard work and gardening. That item? A toothpick.

There are many clever ways to repurpose toothpicks at home, and if you find an opening in your garden hose, you can use one to plug the leak and continue what you're working on. While this serves as only a temporary solution, it can work well in a pinch and your hose may continue to function well for a couple of months or more. However, you'll still probably need to make a more extensive fix soon, or buy a new hose while repurposing your old hose in your garden.

Using a toothpick to fix your leaky garden hose

To fill a pinhole leak in your garden hose, start by cleaning the hose and making sure it's dry where you'll be sealing it. Then, take a wooden toothpick and insert it into the hole. You'll then need to snap the toothpick where it meets the hose to remove the excess. To seal the deal, grab some electrician's tape or duct tape and tape over the hole, leaving two inches of tape on both sides. You can then turn on the hose, as the water makes the wood expand a bit to provide an even better seal.

Keep in mind that using tape alone is an option if you don't have access to toothpicks. However, the toothpick should do an even better job of plugging the leak. The combination will be more reliable as a temporary solution than just using tape by itself. In addition to plugging the leak, you can also make better use of your garden hose by trying a few genius garden hose hacks to improve leaky hose connectors and prevent damage.