Why You Need A Pillowcase To Properly Wash A Squishmallow

If you have a child, or have been around a child recently, you have likely heard about Squishmallows. Squishmallows are the Beanie Babies of the next generation, and their popularity has skyrocketed, turning the plush stuffed animals into a global phenomenon and must-have collectible item for many kids and teens (and many adults as well). If you have joined the Squishmallow craze, it's important to know the proper way to wash them so they don't get ruined. Before throwing them in the washer, you're going to want to place them in a pillowcase or laundry bag, as this protects delicates in the laundry.

KellyToys created the Squishmallow in 2017, but after the pandemic hit, the stuffed animals became a must-have for people looking for comfort. To this day, people of all ages use them to hug tightly, sleep with, or carry around, making them a hotspot for germs. And while you may be afraid that washing your Squishmallow will cause it to lose its fluff, doing it correctly will keep it clean and fluffy. If it's time to finally wash your Squishmallow, here's the proper way to do it.

How to wash your Squishmallows the right way

Before you throw your Squishmallow into the washing machine or attempt to handwash it, you first need to understand the materials and the care instructions for these large, cuddly stuffed animals. Each animal comes with wash instructions, and learning those laundry codes is vital for cleaning success. Most stuffed animals you have in your home are made of simply cotton. If you have more modern stuffies, they may be filled with artificial materials like polyester. The Squishmallows take the synthetic fiber trend a step further, as they are filled with not just polyester but spandex as well. These two materials together create the super-soft and cuddly animal that has become so popular.

The makers of the Squishmallow recommend not putting the stuffy in the washing machine at all, but those who have tried it can speak against this recommendation, proving that, if done correctly, you can put it in the wash without worry. Make sure you place the toy in a pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag, tying or closing it, and then wash it with cold water. If your washer has a delicate option, use that, and try to wash it separately from other laundry items.

Other Squishmallow care tips

It's no secret that Squishmallows are quite large. In fact, this detail is a big factor in their popularity. If you need a big hug, these stuffies can give you that due to their size. But their vastness also means they may not fit in many washing machines. If that's the case for you, there are other ways you can keep your Squishmallow clean. Spot cleaning difficult-to-wash fabrics like the Squishmallow is a great option if you have dirty spots. For larger messes, consider handwashing — just be careful of the detergents you use. One of Squishmallows' most redeeming qualities is they are made with no toxic chemicals, but this can also make it easier for them to get ruined if you use certain detergents.

Before you wash it, consider doing a detergent test — using a Q-tip to test a small area — before handwashing or throwing it into the machine with your detergent. If you see any color fade or come off, avoid using that and opt for something gentler. Once the Squishmallows are clean, instead of placing them in the dryer, you'll want to let them air dry. As long as you care for your Squishmallow properly, it'll be just as huggable as the day you got it.