Hilary Farr's Sink Design Tip Will Save Your Tiny Bathroom From Feeling Squished

Are you trying to prevent your small bathroom from becoming overly crowded? HGTV's Hilary Farr's priceless bathroom design tips are helpful for homeowners who want to revamp their bathroom or scale the design back for a more open look, such as opting for a wall-hung sink in a tiny bathroom. In an episode of "Tough Love With Hilary Farr" (via HGTV UK), the HGTV host said, "It's just that you've got a wall-hung sink, and because it doesn't go to the floor, it doesn't take up as much visual space." The homeowners were awestruck at how much larger the bathroom felt with the new sink. After all, a wall-mounted sink won't appear nearly as bulky as a traditional vanity — even in bigger bathrooms.

Not only will a wall-hung sink design save your bathroom from feeling squished, but it will likely save you money. Investing in a classic bathroom vanity varies wildly in price but typically costs between $300 and $2,200, while a wall-mounted basin with a cupboard beneath it will likely average between $200 and $600 at retailers like IKEA. You won't have to spend as much for just the sink to hang on the wall, since you won't be paying for a full vanity. Thus, wall-hung sinks are convenient options for powder rooms, half-baths, and small bathrooms that the homeowner wants to seem more open and less cramped.

The ups and downs of wall-mounted sinks

Before committing to a Hilary Farr-approved floating vanity or wall-hung sink design, familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of a wall-mounted faucet. Whether your bathroom is tiny, spacious, or any size in between, one benefit of a wall-mounted sink is that it's relatively convenient for cleaning. While bathroom vanities with elaborate countertops or double-sink formats can be time-consuming and tiring to clean, a wall-hung sink should be way less work to maintain due to its smaller, less bulky structure.

However, a not-so-convenient aspect of wall-mounted sinks is that their design typically provides little to no storage. While the space-saving structure is helpful for tiny spaces, remember that you'll still need to store your bathroom supplies, such as toilet paper, hair products, and shower cleaners, somewhere. So if you don't have a vanity to put them in, where will you keep these items?

One reality of choosing a wall-hung sink that can be either a pro or a con — depending on how you look at it — is its minimalistic appearance. Such a simple sink will require less styling than more complex vanities, saving you more money and effort — but that simplicity will also limit your opportunities to get creative with your bathroom accessories. Not to mention, it leaves visible plumbing under the basin, which can be unsightly.

Check out these wall-mounted sink options

Are you inspired by Hilary Farr and ready to make the most of your small bathroom and invest in a wall-mounted sink or vanity? Rather than impulsively picking a product, thoroughly research all the excellent options to determine which sink will be best for your tiny bathroom.

On the basic end, there's the highly-rated American Standard Lucerne Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vessel Sink, featuring a clean white look and available for just over $95 at Home Depot. Many customers appreciate the quality and appearance, giving the item high scores. A similarly simple option is KOHLER's ModernLife White Wall-mount Rectangular Traditional Bathroom Sink, selling for under $210 at Lowe's. Reviewers love the elegant sink's design, minimalist aesthetic, and convenience. If you're a little more discerning and want an ultra-contemporary, almost futuristic-looking option, consider the St. Tropez Vessel Sink, which you can purchase for less than $135 at Home Depot. Many people love how it looks in their small bathrooms, and the floating rectangular vessel design offers a bit of countertop space to store a few bathroom accessories.

For basins that have attached cabinets and still don't reach the floor, IKEA has a number of stylish options. On the simple end, there's the ENHET / TVÄLLEN bathroom vanity-sink combo for $237 and the ÄNGSJÖN / BACKSJÖN bathroom vanity and sink combo for $349. The HAVBÄCK / ORRSJÖN combo offers more storage space with a marble look for $414, while the GODMORGON / BRÅVIKEN combo gives you two enormous sliding drawers for $729 total. Whichever sink you choose, remember to carefully consider the dimensions before installing it in your tiny bathroom.