Give The Inside Of Your Cabinets A Breathtaking Upgrade With This Copper Finish DIY

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A fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to add personality to your kitchen is to add color or pattern to the inside of the cabinets with glass doors since they are constantly visible. While painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets can give you a subtle pop of color and wallpaper can add a print or texture, @thevictorianoctagon on TikTok shares a different technique that is unique and sophisticated. By lining the interior of her glass door cabinets with copper leaf foil paper, the TikToker shows a rich, luxurious-looking upgrade that anyone can DIY at home.

While many people know of gold leaf, it is rarer to see copper foil used as a design accent. Gilding the interior of your cabinets gives them an opulent, expensive look without breaking the bank or replacing any cabinets, as new cabinets are usually the most expensive part of any kitchen remodel. Perfect for a dramatic look in a kitchen or bar, the metallic shimmer is gorgeous paired with dark cabinets or backsplash, so the warm rose gold tones really pop with the moody contrast.

How to copper leaf the interior of your cabinets

In a follow-up how-to video, TikToker @thevictorianoctogon shares her step-by-step process for copper leafing the interior of cabinets. First, prep the surface by lightly sanding and thoroughly cleaning. Apply a coat of gilding adhesive and let it dry, as it will stay tacky enough to stick while you work. Apply the copper sheets to the surface, ensuring even and thorough coverage. When all sheets have been applied, polish the copper and remove excess foil by buffing it with a cotton glove. Finish with a gilding sealer to protect the surface and prevent oxidation. A set of 100 copper foil sheets and an application brush can be found on Amazon for less than $8. The adhesive and sealer can also be found on Amazon for about $8 each, making a small gilding project cost less than $30.

Once the copper leaf has been applied, add in-cabinet lighting and glass shelves to really let the metallic finish shine. You can also try using other creative ways to bring copper into your kitchen design to tie in the copper-gilded cabinets with the rest of the space. Add copper hardware to the cabinet doors, decorate with copper pots and pans, or even install a copper sink. Pops of copper give an upscale elevated look with the vintage charm of having roots in historical homes, making it timeless and beautiful.