Beautiful Black And White Kitchen Ideas You'll Want To Try In Your Space

It seems that every couple of years, we have the urge to change up our kitchens. While you may feel inclined to go with what's currently trending on social media sites, it is probably in your best interest to stick to something that won't become dated within just a few months. Thankfully, chic black and white kitchens will always be considered a classic. 

Plus, you have many options when designing a space utilizing these contrasting colors. For instance, you can fully embrace the glamorous aspects of having a black-and-white room. You could also put a modern spin on checked black and white flooring's vintage vibe with the help of marble tile. Or, if the quaint ambiance of traditional farmhouses is more your style, simply purchase rustic materials in the iconic hues. Whichever you decide, here are 12 ideas you can use as inspiration to re-vamp your space into a black-and-white masterpiece. 

Matte black appliances will make your kitchen unique

You typically only see black appliances with glossy finishes. However, black matte appliances are a unique and underutilized option. You can embrace the edginess of the appliances by purchasing sophisticated gothic-inspired decor, like a dramatic candle stick holder, an ornate black vase, or a black lace table runner for your kitchen table. However, if you are not into darker vibes for your home, no worries. You can juxtapose the matte black appliances with glossy white walls, white counters, and matching cabinets. 

A black and white marble backsplash will instantly elevate your space

While their primary function is to prevent messes, backsplashes can elevate a kitchen's sophistication. This is especially true with a white marble backsplash adorned with delicate black veining. You could also use the same chic marble on your countertops so the area has cohesion. That being said, marble is not easy to care for. Those who have chosen to implement the material in their home should be careful about what cleaning products they use. For instance, common cleaners, like bleach, are an absolute no-go. Instead, try a specialty product like Daily Gold, that can be found on Amazon.

Fully embrace the glamour of a black and white kitchen with a chandelier

It's hard to argue that black-and-white kitchens aren't glamorous. To fully embrace having a formal kitchen, consider purchasing a chandelier, like this one from Lamps Plus. Ideally, the gorgeous lighting fixture will dangle elegantly above a sleek kitchen island. Imagine having conversations and enjoying meals bathed in the twinkling lighting. Those who have never purchased these fixtures may not realize that each space requires a different size. Check your kitchen's dimensions to avoid mistakenly buying the wrong chandelier.

Add natural flooring and cabinets to your black and white kitchen

While they may have been viewed as passé over the last couple of years, natural wood cabinets are making a comeback. Many view the material as charming and quaint, which is helpful for those who think black-and-white kitchens are a bit intimidating. The earthy wood will also add character and give your chic kitchen a more tranquil vibe. If you love natural wood, you can also add matching furniture like a rustic dining table or wicker barstools. 

Elevated the '50s diner look with black and white marble tiles

When you hear the term "black and white kitchen," the image of a diner from the 1950s may instantly come to mind. You can, of course, design a vintage, kitsch kitchen by purchasing a chrome dinette set, a pastel pink refrigerator, and a Kit-Cat Clock. However, you can also opt for black and white checkered flooring created with marble tiles. The veining in the material adds a subtle sophistication to an iconic look. Plus, you can accent it with muted-colored walls or cabinetry in hues like sage or dusty blue. 

Black wood and a white kitchen island make for a lovely combination

When designing your black-and-white kitchen, consider using different and unexpected materials. For example, an edgy black wood accent wall and an elegant white marble island are captivating elements, especially within the confines of the same room. If you choose this design, you can accessorize in a way that highlights the kitchen's chic and rustic components. Both black velvet barstools and floral embroidered linen dish towels would play well off this combo. 

Update your kitchen with a white tile backsplash and a black kitchen island

A white subway tile backsplash and a black island can modernize your kitchen. Finish off the look with white cabinetry and black countertops. You have a few choices when designing your backsplash, and homeowners typically go with horizontal subway tiles. However, one HGTV star likes to opt for something a little different. Erin Napier suggests using vertical subway tiles as they elongate the look of the room. 

Put gilded cabinet hardware in your black and white kitchen

Gilded cabinet hardware, like this line from Goldenwarm, is a subtle way to glitz up your black-and-white space. Those who decide this route should pick black cabinets — instead of white — so the sparkling hardware does not get washed out. Consider using grayscale marble tile with gold veining for your backsplash for the sake of cohesion. Since the colors green and gold complement each other, some potted plants can add some character to your contrasting kitchen.

A brick wall gives a chic kitchen some character

Much like natural wood, kitchens with brick elements have rustic charm. Plus, the earthy material plays perfectly off the contrasting hues. Pick an area most suitable for the material when designing your black-and-white kitchen. You can even design a textural accent wall with faux brick panels like these from Home Depot. And who could ask for more? You could have that exposed brick wall look, reminiscent of what is seen in coveted New York City apartments, no matter where you live. 

Bold black and white flooring will certainly catch the eye

Individuals who don't love checked tile can pick a different bold black and white pattern for their flooring. In this situation, the room should be relatively minimal. For example, you may want to choose white walls and white cabinetry. In addition, while an accent color – like a seafoam green or a delightful pink – is fine, refrain from utilizing other busy patterns in the space. This way, the distinctive black and white flooring will be the star of your kitchen.

Black wood flooring is a unique choice that will help hide messes

If black wood perks your interest, consider using the material as flooring. This unique choice will help hide messes, which is useful when cooking. Some individuals may be hesitant about using dark flooring, especially in smaller kitchens. However, you can use strategies so the floors don't minimize your kitchen's appearance. Just use airier colors, like white, cream, or pale grey, for the other surfaces to balance the intense hue.

A marble-heavy space is extremely elegant

As you know, marble is one of the most sophisticated materials you can utilize in your kitchen. Those ready, willing, and able to take on its near-constant upkeep can make their kitchen a marble-heavy space. Consider purchasing grayscale marble flooring, a matching kitchen island, and countertops. To keep over surfaces simple, pick streamlined black or white cabinets, based on what you envision. Then, strategically install different levels of lighting to illuminate the intricate veining and amplify visual interest in the space.