Why You Should Use Bar Keepers Friend To Clean Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors

A clean house is not achieved without a considerable amount of work (those with the cleanest and most organized homes typically have the best habits) but the payoff is always worth the effort. While bathroom cleaning is probably at the bottom of your household chores list, you most likely love the smell of freshness, as well as the crisp glass shower doors right after a good deep clean. If you have, however, been scrubbing your scummy shower doors vigorously for months and are still not getting the squeaky clean results you desire, the best way to get rid of soap scum could be to shake up your cleaning approach with a new product. Funnily enough, it might actually be something you already have to hand. 

Bar Keepers Friend is a cleaning agent with a well-established, highly impressive, and century-long history. It works by using the power of oxalic acid, which disrupts the bonds of substances known for creating the kind of stains that lead to a difficult-to-clean environment, such as your glass shower doors. In order to harness the power of Bar Keepers Friend, simply shake a little of the powder onto a wet sponge (you may need to add a drizzle of water to create a spreadable paste), wipe it onto your shower doors, and wait up to one minute before wiping the doors off to reveal a clean surface. Rinse the residue off and marvel at the fact that you successfully cleaned your grimy shower door with virtually no effort.

Additional tips for using this helpful powder

The original powder by Bar Keepers Friend is a practical and affordable cleaning resource to keep around your home. If you want a ready-to-spray version, simply pick up a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray + Foam All-Purpose Cleaner ($3.68 at Home Depot). The bottle is designed to be sprayable even when held upside down, making it ideal for more difficult angles, such as under the porcelain rim of the toilet bowl. This spray is perfect for cleaning your scum-covered shower door, too. Simply spray it on the dirty surface, rub it in evenly using a damp cloth or sponge, leave for up to a minute, and rinse clean.

While Bar Keepers Friend is a powerful cleaner to use around the house, remember to exercise caution when employing it. Wearing gloves is always a good idea although washing your hands thoroughly afterward is fine, too, insofar as you are not exposing your skin to the substance for very long. Be careful to not inhale the powder either. Also, never combine this cleaning product with ammonia, bleach, or any other products containing these substances, as it can create dangerous, toxic fumes. Fortunately, Bar Keepers Friend gives off no toxic fumes when used alone, so you don't have to worry about airing out the space while using it. Still, be cautious when using cleaning products around young children regardless.