Yes, You Can Kill Patio Moss With Vinegar — Here's How

If you want to ensure your patio stays pristine, then you may want to take some steps to remove any moss that's growing among your patio pavers. Moss may have an attractive, comforting appearance but it can damage pavers when left unchecked. It can also become slippery and turn into a hazard, so in many cases, it's best to remove it. While using distilled white vinegar is one of the best ways to clean patio pavers without a pressure washer, it's also one of the simplest and most effective ways to remove moss.

To use vinegar to kill patio moss, mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water then add the solution to a spray bottle. Next, spray it onto the moss. After letting the mixture sit for two hours or more, you should begin to notice that the moss dries out and turns brown. Once it does, you can scrub the pavers using a push broom, then rinse and clean the area with a hose. Keep in mind that to avoid causing damage to your deck or patio materials, it's a good idea to spot-test the solution in an inconspicuous area first.

Precautions to take when using vinegar on patio moss

There are a few precautions to take when using vinegar on your patio. First of all, make sure that you're careful when using it on sealed pavers. Vinegar is mildly acidic so it can damage the seal on your patio pavers. You may want to reseal the pavers after you've removed the moss. This will help reduce moisture and slow the growth of moss in the future as well. Also, remember that using vinegar to clean your patio pavers could be a huge mistake if your pavers are made of natural stone. Vinegar can damage stone pavers, so it's best to choose another moss removal method instead.

Also, vinegar can harm nearby grass and plants, so always be aware when using vinegar to keep your house clean. Ensure your vinegar solution doesn't come into contact with plants or grass, particularly without diluting it first. Washing the solution away with a hose should help dilute the vinegar further and prevent damage to nearby vegetation. Keep in mind that there's a chance vinegar can start to damage patio pavers if used undiluted or if you use it repeatedly. Only use vinegar when necessary and avoid overdoing it.