Trendy Beverage Station Ideas That Will Set Your Kitchen Apart From The Rest

Are you dying to update your kitchen in a way that will combine function and style? A beverage station will bring the vibes and let you enjoy drinks, right at home, that you would typically have to leave the house for. Both introverts and extroverts will benefit from incorporating beverage stations into their kitchens: While an at-home coffee (or juice) station will save people who prefer staying at home from having to go out to a cafe to enjoy those beverages, super-social homeowners can also impress their guests with the beverage stations. It's a win-win. 

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to consider before committing to a beverage station for your kitchen. To start with, such an exciting feature will always be an investment — and not a cheap one — so only go for it if you can realistically afford it. Also, think about your kitchen's size. If you have an ultra-small kitchen, a beverage station might not be practical, as it could lead to an overly crowded space or might not even fit at all. However, if a beverage station is doable for your budget and space, it will likely be worth the investment, as the feature should increase your home's resale value. Moreover, it will save you money in the long run — since transportation combined with cafe or bar prices aren't cheap. So don't be afraid to explore various beverage station options, and see what works for you.

At-home coffee stations are great for coffee lovers

There's no shame in needing a cup of coffee every morning. But have you thought about how much you spend on going out to buy coffee? Grabbing coffee outside the home typically costs about $5 at least — and you won't have to go out of your way to spend that $5 each day if you invest in an at-home coffee station. To save money on your at-home coffee station, dedicate a section of your countertop to a classic or relatively simple coffee maker, and dress it up with a mix of functional and decorative accessories, such as a chic tray, floral embellishments, mugs, and a candle.

Meanwhile, if you're not concerned about the price and want to splurge on a more extravagant espresso bar for your home, go all out. Alternatively, displaying a kettle and pour-over will make your setup feel more professional, giving you the at-home barista experience to create luxurious coffee drinks. Either way, keep the setup near an outlet, and consider investing in a new table or even an island to ensure you'll have enough space to showcase it all. You may also want to invest in floating shelves to keep your coffee grounds, mugs, and sugar. But remember, such a cafe-worthy setup will require maintenance. So, ask yourself if you can commit to checking and cleaning up your coffeee gear frequently.As long as you take care of the setup, it should stay fabulous.

Party people will love at-home bar setups

Are you not an avid coffee drinker, but a frequent bar visitor and party thrower? A home bar will transform your home into the ultimate hangout spot — one that every guest will adore and envy. For example, if you and your friends love to get your drink on in the kitchen, and you have an island or peninsula, turn that area into a bar by adding some bar-inspired stools and LED light strips for a flashy touch, then put all your favorite vodka, wine, and whisky bottles on the countertop with some snacks, shot glasses, and plastic cups to get the party started. To take the bar theme even further, consider investing in features like muddlers and shakers so guests can make advanced cocktails.

If you don't have an island or peninsula — or you do, but turning it into a bar wouldn't be practical for your daily lifestyle — consider investing in a bar cart instead. A bar cart will be super convenient, as its moveable design will let you wheel it around at your gatherings, and store it in a closet if you don't want the bar setup visible every day: these features definitely make it worth the typical cost of $50 to $150 or more. 

Explore smoothie and juice station ideas if you're a fruit enthusiast

Do you always crave fresh smoothies and juices? Why not invest in a smoothie station? Of course, you'll need a blender and fresh fruit to devote a section of your kitchen to these treats. You can pay as low as $40 for a traditional blender, while luxurious high-tech blenders can cost as much as $1,000. In addition to your fruit and blender, have fun personalizing your smoothie setup with cute decorations such as faux plants and a sign that says "smoothie bar," or whatever you prefer. Some bright, colorful embellishments such as vivid mugs will also enhance the fruit theme.

Remember, grabbing fresh fruit juice outside your home can cost between $8 and $13. So, all things considered, you will save money in the long run, while adding an impressive touch to your kitchen. Expect to pay between $50 and $500 for a juicer, and keep cutting materials ready at the station so your fruits will be easier to juice. Floating shelves also benefit smoothie and juice stations, as the wall-mounted shelving will provide attractive, convenient storage for your prep tools. 

All in all, any beverage station will add more excitement to your kitchen, so get creative.