We Used This Jet Nozzle On A Hose To Replace A Pressure Washer And Felt The Power

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About two years ago we got brand new windows throughout our 80-year-old home. Although I love keeping as many of the original fixtures as possible, those windows were drafty and covered by cheap aluminum storm windows, making them impossible to clean. Our new vinyl windows have been wonderful, but I haven't found an easy way to wash them. I wanted a powerful solution, but it may not be a good idea to use a pressure washer for your windows. To try to clean our windows quickly and easily without causing damage, I bought the Mengine jet nozzle for $22.99 on Amazon to use with my garden hose.

I was a bit skeptical that this hose-end sprayer could do the heavy-duty job of a pressure washer for cleaning as well as offer a gentle stream to water my plants, but the idea of an all-in-one product was definitely appealing. The ability to use the same sprayer to clean my windows, water my plants, and do other tasks seemed a little too good to be true. Naturally, I had to try it.

Installing the hose-end sprayer

The jet nozzle came with a few accessories and simple instructions. Installing a hose-end sprayer should be an easy process, but when you're trying something new, you never know if there will be unforeseen complications. In my many years of gardening, I have used a lot of hose-end sprayers, and the main issue I anticipated was leaking at the connection. This product included plumber's tape to ensure a tight seal. Other accessories in the package were two connectors to use with different types of hoses as well as two different spraying heads. The linear head provides a straight stream while the flat head creates a flat fan shape for rinsing cars or large, flat areas. Either can be used for a high-pressure spray. I loved that the extra head could be stored on the wand because I would definitely lose it.

I made sure the rubber gasket was installed on the end of the sprayer, and then I wrapped my hose end with the plumber's tape to get the best seal. I twisted the sprayer on and turned my faucet on high. At this point, I fully expected the connection between my hose and the sprayer to leak since there was so much water pressure, but there wasn't a single drip. I opened the lever to check the pressure and WOW! I didn't measure, but I would guess the full stream was 20 to 30 feet long.

Ways I used this jet nozzle

While it's technically a hose-end sprayer, this product is designed to provide high pressure so I started with my windows — the ultimate reason I wanted to try this sprayer. I tried out both nozzles to spray my windows and was amazed to see how much grime came pouring off. I didn't use a cleaning solution or anything other than water, but the powerful spray still got loads of grime off my windows. Both nozzle heads worked well for cleaning windows, but the linear head was most effective at removing old cobwebs that had accumulated in the corners of my house and around my front door since I was able to aim the spray more accurately. 

After the satisfaction of seeing all that dirt washed away, I wanted to try the jet sprayer in two more ways. First, since the images on the product page show people using it to clean cement, I tested the linear nozzle on mine. It did work, but the spray area was very small. It would take a long time to clean a significant amount of space. Lastly, I turned down the pressure on this hose-end sprayer by adjusting the lever on the handle and both nozzles worked beautifully to water my plants. Since the spray reached so far, I could just stand in one spot to water everything, although I would have to adjust the pressure according to how close my plants are so I don't damage them.

Can this product replace a pressure washer?

To get straight to the point, this jet nozzle high-pressure hose-end sprayer cannot completely turn your hose into a pressure washer. The best way I could describe this product is that the spray strength is somewhere between a real pressure washer and a standard hose-end sprayer. If you're on a budget or don't have space to store a pressure washer, this is a good alternative. It's also nice that it's small and easy to manage. I would even give it bonus points for the ability to do heavy-duty cleaning and watering plants simply by adjusting the lever on the handle.

I was able to get a lot of grit and grime off my windows and house with only water, but it didn't get them perfectly clean. To be fair, they were exceptionally dirty, so next time I try this, I will use it with a cleaning solution that attaches to the hose for extra cleaning power. I suspect that wouldn't be necessary if I cleaned my windows more often. Overall, I think this is an excellent value for the price. You could easily spend $30 or more on a high-quality hose-end sprayer just for your plants, and this one is also powerful enough to do some cleaning.