Is Copper A Good Countertop Choice? Our Expert Weighs In On The Positives

Copper might not be a precious metal like gold or silver, but it's nicknamed "man's eternal metal" for a reason. You can find the durable material all over your home, from electrical wiring to plumbing pipes. Copper can even make a stellar addition to your kitchen as a countertop. The metal top has a similar look to stainless steel counters but has a warm feel. Copper countertops have a unique style that is gaining traction, but is it a good option for your home? In an exclusive interview, House Digest spoke to Ryan Fitzgerald, an experienced realtor and the owner of Raleigh Real Estate, to get the 411 on these metallic tabletops. He revealed that copper's design and germ-resistant properties make it a countertop you should know about for your next kitchen remodel.

"Copper can be a really cool material to use, but there's some good things to know first," Fitzgerald said. The stylish countertop can be a statement piece in your kitchen, but it is expensive. Whether or not copper is a good countertop choice depends on your budget, style, and needs.

Copper countertops are stylish and sanitary but high-maintenance

"Copper countertops really stand out and give your kitchen a beautiful, unique look," Ryan Fitzgerald exclusively told House Digest. "They have a shiny, warm color that feels cozy." The metallic block adds a homey ambiance to the kitchen. Plus, while simple, it's far from basic. If you're looking for a distinct look that doesn't go overboard, copper counters are a stellar addition to your space. "Another nice thing is copper helps keep germs away, so it's sanitary," Fitzgerald said. The metal is naturally antimicrobial, perfect for those who cook or host.

On the other hand, Fitzgerald shared, "Some downsides are that copper is expensive, costing over $100 per square foot usually." In comparison, other popular options, like wood, can be as low as $28 per square foot on average, and granite sits around $25. "It also gets little dings and scratches easily as you use it," the expert warned. "So you'll need to wipe it down sometimes to keep it looking polished."

Luckily, the material is easy to maintain. "To clean copper, a soft cloth with soap and warm water after each meal is perfect," Fitzgerald said. However, you must avoid products with bleach or ammonia as they can ruin the material's shine. These metal countertops are an excellent choice if you don't mind the splurge or upkeep. It's a creative way to bring copper into your kitchen design, and Fitzgerald has expert tips on complementing the metallic counters in your home.

How to style copper countertops in your kitchen

The natural metallic tones of copper make it a stellar choice for incorporating in any kitchen, but it does lend itself best to a particular design. In an exclusive House Digest interview, Ryan Fitzgerald revealed, "As for styles, copper pairs well with rustic farmhouse vibes." Copper countertops are getting added to the ultimate rustic decor guide, right next to distressed wood, burlap, and mason jars.

You can still enjoy the metallic tabletop even if your aesthetic is far from Farmhouse and you prefer styles like Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern. Fitzgerald said, "Having matching copper touches like the sink faucet or light fixtures really ties the whole space together." Swapping out the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for copper ones are other small touches that will complement the tabletops, too. Even decor like flower pots or kitchen towels in the same shade is a great way to match the color in your space.

Lastly, Fitzgerald added, "Earth tones like greens and browns complement the warm color too." Pops of earthy and neutral shades can add dimension, so it's not just copper everywhere you look. Letting the countertop be the only metallic brown in the kitchen will turn it into a statement piece — an expensive one you'll be cleaning often, but super stylish nonetheless.