Naturally Deter Ants From Your Houseplants With A Clever Moat Trick

Do you have a fear of ants in your plants? This clever trick will keep them far away from your beloved greenery. This simple remedy only involves one ingredient: water. The water will act as a barrier around your houseplants that ants cannot cross, like a moat around a castle. 

Not all houseplants are appealing to ants, but some are particularly attractive. Ants are drawn to flowers for their sweet fragrance, and flowering plants could be just as susceptible to an invasion. Leafy tropical plants that thrive in damp soil are a coveted source of moisture for ants. Plants may also attract other critters such as aphids, which leave behind sweet liquid residue that ants enjoy. Ants cause damage to potted plants by disturbing areas near the roots, causing the plant to wilt and become dry. Thankfully, with this easy natural method, you can prevent ants in your houseplants and protect your thriving flora from opportunistic insects. All you will need is a shallow water tray, a makeshift riser or plant stand, and optional natural enhancements that will make this strategy even more effective. 

Build a moat around your houseplant to keep ants away

With this method, you don't need to spend any money to keep pesky ants off your thriving plants. Simply fill a shallow tray with water and place the planter in the center. Ensure that the water does not interfere with the planter's drainage holes which could cause the soil to become waterlogged and, in turn, damage the health of the plant. To prevent this, place the planter on top of an object inside the water tray, such as a riser stand, a brick, or an upside-down planter. As an added measure, add a few drops of peppermint oil or sprinkle ground cinnamon into the water — both act as natural ant repellents. This moat trick can be used with any exposed food source that attracts ants, such as a pet bowl filled with kibble.

The water tray will act as an extra source of humidity for your plants. However, keep in mind that houseplants that thrive in dry climates will not appreciate the extra moisture. The makeshift moat may also attract some unwanted guests such as mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are drawn to areas with stagnant water, so keep this in mind especially if your plant is located near an open window. To prevent mosquitoes, replace the water in the tray regularly, and ensure that windows and fly screens are properly sealed. With this moat hack, the ants won't stand a chance at feasting on your leafy friends.