8 Top Store-Bought Spider Repellents To Have At Home To Keep The Creepy Crawlies Out

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While there might be some benefits to having spiders live in your garden, they can become a nuisance once they enter your home. They build webs that collect dust and bugs, their bites can cause itchy allergic reactions, and they are just downright creepy sometimes. Luckily, by using spider repellents, you stop these problems before they start and prevent an annoying (and pricy) extermination job. There are many different spider repellents, each with their own method of keeping spiders at bay. It's important to consider your location and needs when deciding what product is right for you.

We've assembled a list of the top store-bought spider repellents. We've used a strict methodology to ensure that each product is proven to be effective. Looking at the ranking of each repellent, we're only highlighting those that have an average rating of 4-stars or above. Additionally, all have over 800 reviews to make sure there is a large enough sample size, so the average star rating is accurate and represents a wide array of consumer experiences. And, of course, each item has its pros and cons, so keep reading to find out how to tackle your spider problem with the appropriate repellent.

Best sprayer: Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer

If you want the easiest way to ensure that no spiders or bugs will ever enter your home, check out the Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer. This is powerful stuff, with one bottle able to cover over 5,000 square feet using ingredients that start eliminating bugs in just a few minutes. You simply attach your hose to the spout on the bottle and spray directly on your lawn and around the foundation of your house. This will first kill all the spiders it comes in contact with, then create a bug barrier that will prevent the critters from coming inside your house. The barrier lasts for up to three months, making this a one-and-done solution.

This is a great option if you have a lot of lawn or nature around all sides of your house. It works well to deter many types of bugs and deals with them in large quantities. However, you do need a functioning garden hose to dilute the solution and apply it. This makes it a very convenient product for those with a hose setup that reaches the entire perimeter of the house, but if you live in an apartment or only have a water valve on one side of your home, it might not be a practical solution for you. With an average rating of 4.4 stars and over 18,000 ratings, this is a proven product that will get rid of spiders quickly and keep them away for months.

Best physical trap: Catchmaster Spider & Insect Glue Traps

By using a bait trap around entry points, you can stop spiders in their tracks before they ever enter your home. The Catchmaster Spider & Insect Glue Traps are effective and affordable pre-scented glue traps that will attract and catch spiders. They already have the scent and glue all ready to go — all you need to do is place them in areas where spiders often travel, like basements or by baseboards. This will trap existing spiders to prevent them from getting to the main living areas, but also help you identify where most of the spiders are coming from. Just check which traps seem to have the most insects and what direction they seem to come from, and this can lead you to the source of your spider problem.

This is a perfect option for those who want something quick and simple, and who are just facing a few spiders, rather than a whole infestation. If you are really grossed out by bugs, you might not want to go with this option, since you will have to pick up and throw away the spider filled trap. If you have pets you should be cautious, because they could accidentally step on the trap, getting the glue stuck to their paws. With an average 4.4-star rating, buyers love how effective and easy these traps are at catching spiders indoors. However, if you want to catch them before they ever enter the home, you might want to go with another method.

Best dual purpose: Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide

If you live in an arid environment, like the southwestern United States, you might be fighting the arachnid war on two fronts. Scorpions and spiders are two pests that can cause some serious damage if they bite or sting you, so it is critical to keep them out of your home. That means it's time to break out the serious solutions, like the Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide. This powerful insecticide is formulated to be especially effective against spiders and scorpions, but it will quickly kill any insect on contact, as well as have a long lasting effect to keep these critters away from your home.

This is a concentrated formula, which means you need to take the time to mix it with water and put it in a sprayer. You can buy an affordable one on Amazon. Because it is an insecticide, there are also a few precautions you should take. Make sure to cover your hands with gloves and take the appropriate steps if you get any solution on your skin. You'll want to keep pets and children away from the area directly after spraying, and you'll need to safely dispose of the bottle. If you're willing to take these extra steps and precautions, you'll be rewarded with an extremely effective product, as proven by the 4.7-star rating and over 900 reviews.

Best portable spray: Raid Essential Spider Killer Aerosol

If you have a lot of nooks and crannies around your home that spiders tend to infest, having a portable spray option will be the best choice for you. Raid Essential Spider Killer Aerosol is packed with lots of spider-killing ingredients, all in a convenient aerosol can. You can use this all around your home, including on baseboards, cabinets, walls, ceilings, doors and window frames, around water pipes and appliances where spiders tend to accumulate. This is also a great option if you are visiting a cabin or somewhere outside your regular home where you need to temporarily fight pests, because the canister's small size can easily be brought anywhere.

This product is formulated to be safe around pets and small children, which is a huge added bonus for anything being sprayed inside the home. Not only is this product affordable and convenient, but it truly works, as proven by the average 4.3-star rating from over 1,300 reviews. The downside? This spray is intended for inside use to kill bugs directly. It is most effective when it's sprayed on the spiders; however, according to reviews, it does help prevent bugs as well, as many reviewers have seen a decline in the amount of critters in their home since using it. This spray also leaves an oily residue that might be difficult to remove, so be cautious about applying it near sensitive varnishes or upholstered furniture.

Best natural option: Mighty Mint Peppermint Oil Insect & Pest Spray

If you want a product that will kill and repel spiders without harmful chemicals, check out the Mighty Mint Peppermint Oil Insect & Pest Spray. Not only does it smell amazing, but peppermint oil has many uses around the home. While there is little scientific evidence for why spiders are so averse to peppermint, it is thought that, because spiders smell and taste with their legs, they may avoid crawling through fragrant oil and be deterred by the strong smell altogether.

The main benefit of this option is how natural it is while still being effective at both killing spiders and repelling them. It is in a convenient spray bottle perfect for use inside the home, but if you are trying to treat the entire outside of your house, then this small bottle won't be enough. With over 35,000 reviews and an average of 4.2-stars, this product does work well enough. However, if you live in an area with a large amount of spiders, especially those that are poisonous, you might want to go for a more powerful option that has more traditional insecticidal ingredients.

Best pouch option: Stay Away Spiders Deterrent Pouches

For those who are busy and can't be bothered putting in a lot of time and effort, a spider deterrent pouch might be the option for you. All you do is place the pouch in an area where spiders frequent — like a basement, attic, or closet — and for 30 days it will work to repel spiders from the area. Stay Away Spiders Deterrent Pouches are non-toxic and plant based, perfect for those who don't want harmful chemicals in their home. It releases a scent pleasant to humans, but horrible to spiders, causing them to leave the area. It also prevents spiders from returning.

The major benefit to these pouches is the ease. There's no mixing or spraying — you just place it, then forget about it for a month. It is a natural alternative made with a mix of essential oils and other botanic ingredients, making it safe to use around kids and pets. With over 900 reviews averaging 4.1-stars, people love how simple this product is both in its formulation and use. The only downside is that they only repel the spiders from the specific area where the pouch is placed. If you have spiders popping up all around your home, then you might need a solution that can target a larger area.

Best ultrasonic option: Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you want to get high tech with your spider repellent, try out an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This product uses ultrasound to stimulate the brain neurons of pests, causing fear and anxiety. This results in the insects not eating, and therefore, either dying or leaving the location in search of a safer area. Long term ultrasonic neuron stimulation can cause damage to the neurons of pests. But don't worry, ultrasonic waves have a frequency above the audible frequencies of the human ear.

This is a great option because it is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals. It is incredibly easy to use — all you do is plug it in and it will keep the whole room clear of spiders and other pests. With 4 stars and over 900 reviews, people appreciate how discreet the product is and how it starts working immediately. However, dogs and other animals can hear ultrasound, so steer clear of this product if you have any pets at home to avoid causing them any confusion or discomfort.

Best for your body: Nantucket Spider Extra Strength Tick Repellent Spray

If you want a spider repellent you can spray directly on yourself, or on an item that will come in contact with your skin, like an outdoor chair, check out the Nantucket Spider Extra Strength Tick Repellent Spray. This spray is DEET-free and made with 100% organic essential oils, so it won't cause harm to your skin, hair, clothes, or any other fabric. These essential oils will also cause it to have a pleasant aroma, which is an added benefit.

The biggest upside of this product is how natural it is, while being effective at repelling spiders and other bugs. Having a spider in your home is bad, but having one crawl on you is worse, and this spray will prevent them from getting anywhere close. The downside is that it isn't meant to be sprayed all over the home, but rather onto your body. This is great if you want to sit on your porch and prevent spiders from coming near. However, if you are frequently seeing spiders in or near your home, it is best to use this product in addition to another defense, like a spray intended for home use.