Tips To Maximize Storage Space In A Tight Hallway

Narrow hallways don't have to be the demise of your home. These tight spaces might not offer much in the way of storage or decor options, but you can still work with the limited area and create an inviting aesthetic that matches the rest of the dwelling. There are several factors to consider when organizing and setting up your narrow hall. Finding a place where items can go is a top priority, especially if you're working with an entryway. Shoes, jackets, and bags all collect here as people come in, so storage is extremely important to ensuring smooth travel and access to the hallway.

You also want to think about how the area is used. Do people need somewhere they can stop for a moment to remove items? Do you want a decorative but functional design that allows pieces to be kept by the door so they can be picked up as people leave? Every accessory needs to be well thought out, as clutter or excess can make the space look chaotic. When planning your entryway, the best course of action is a slow and steady approach. There are plenty of ways to make your narrow hallway feel wider, but maximizing storage will actually help create much-needed space.

Use your walls to keep items out of the way

Before adding items to your tight hall, why not try using the space without much in it to see where items collect? This will give you a "map" of which areas see the most amounts of action, like coats, shoes, bags, and even small accessories like keys being strung. Once you find where the majority of people's belongings are kept and left, you can plan where to place a table, bench, or coat pegs. When it comes to hanging items, spaced-out hangers or hooks might be the best option. This keeps clothing from clumping together, allowing for breathing room between the walkway and the wall as well. Too many coats can create a barrier on the side of the hall where they hang, taking up almost half the space in some extremely tight corridors.

If you want your passageway to feature pegs or a place to hang these up, try stretching them across the hall from one end to the other, which will open it up more while still providing suspension options. A closet is ideal for hiding larger items if there is one nearby, otherwise long racks like the Walmart 60" Unfinished Shaker Peg Rack or pegs spaced at least 6 inches apart are advisable. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, decorate a boring hallway with framed artwork and mirrors interspersed with your pegs. 

Hide shoes and smaller items in multi-functional storage

If shoes are a big concern, storage cabinets are great for hiding footwear while making them easily accessible. The IKEA STÄLL is slim and can easily fit up against a wall, leaving plenty of room for people to pass by. These, or rectangular baskets are an easy storage solution for shoes that need to be grabbed quickly so your hallway won't become overloaded.

Storage benches are another great way to save space and provide a perch to remove or don shoes. Benches like the Home Depot Glouser Fabric Storage Bench come with hidden compartments under the seat where you can keep purses, backpacks, or even bulky sweaters, and has room to tuck shoes underneath. This clears the pathway of clutter and can be accessorized with small baskets, books, and even a plant for an inviting aesthetic. The key to any furniture addition in your hallway is to avoid overdecorating, since the space is small and too much of anything can look messy. Light accents bring warmth and personality without weighing the area down.

Depending on the size of your passageway, a long, slim table like the Plank + Beam Modern Console is great for keys, wallets, and smaller items. Jewelry, gloves, and even sunglasses all can benefit from a table with drawers or shelves. While you want to create room to sit briefly or put items down, your hallway doesn't require super comfortable seating or resting areas.