Why You Should Consider Pergo Flooring When Installing Laminate In Your Home

Laminate is a popular flooring option, and it's easy to see why: it's typically a long-lasting, relatively low-maintenance, and attractive choice that shouldn't be too challenging to install. However, don't pick just any laminate flooring from the first brand you see, as some brands provide better style options, quality, and prices. And if you're wondering about Pergo, the old classic option? Yes, the company does provide genuinely excellent laminate floors.

Believe it or not, Pergo was the first brand to invent laminate flooring in the late 1970s. Its flooring options feature a natural-looking Scandinavian design –making Pergo ideal for people who enjoy Scandinavian decor — but even if your home doesn't feature that particular aesthetic, your space will likely benefit from giving Pergo a chance, as the brand provides versatile looks. For instance, Pergo has laminate floors in every neutral tone, from a dark and warm brown to icy light gray. Thus, homeowners should familiarize themselves with the many perks of Pergo laminate flooring when considering which brand to trust.

Pergo flooring is accommodating and reliable

Not only does Pergo flooring provide versatile neutral shade choices, but the brand also has options to meet specific homeowner needs. For example, do you have pets who tend to get aggressively high-energy when playing on the floor? You'll likely want to check out Pergo's pet-friendly options, which are scratch-resistant and waterproof. In fact, many Pergo laminate floor choices are durable, with some specifically designed to be dent-resistant or stain-proof. These trustworthy choices will likely also be beneficial flooring options for homes with children, leading to less stress for parents.

Price is also a key factor here, especially compared to other flooring alternatives like hardwood. Customers praise Pergo for providing high-quality laminate floors for relatively low prices, making the brand an ideal option for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice quality for price when spending on laminate flooring. Pergo is a budget-friendly yet expensive-looking brand, and reviewers appreciate the three-layer flooring design that offers a sturdy floor for any home. And best of all, the flooring always looks chic!

Pergo laminate floors will complement various styles and aesthetics

Thanks to Pergo laminate floors' versatility in neutral tones and shades, they'll look great in every space, no matter the aesthetic. For instance, the Defense Sun Veiled Oak option offers a creamy beige tone, and it beautifully works in classy yet cozy living rooms featuring similarly soft, subtle neutral furniture. The darker, cooler-toned Seabrook Walnut choice, meanwhile, also complements similarly decorated rooms, but adds a slightly more striking and sophisticated appeal, thanks to the deeper yet colder appearance.

On the other hand, Pergo's light Marigold Oak option will add a gentle touch of warmth to rooms with statement-making furniture, such as a bold teal couch. Moreover, Pergo's laminate floor options aren't only for rooms — the flooring looks great when embellishing understated stairs. For example, the use of dark brown Pergo flooring pops on otherwise white stairs, adding a more rustic and eye-catching appeal.

Anyone interested in purchasing Pergo's laminate flooring should also know that the brand is easily accessible, as it's available from many well-known retailers, such as Wayfair, Lowe's, and Home Depot. So what are you waiting for? Pergo is clearly a great choice for any house, it's been around for decades, and they clearly know what they're doing.