Ways To Use Walmart's Popular Arched Cabinet For Stylish Storage In Your Home

Walmart's Better Homes & Gardens Juliet Arc Cabinet is so popular that it's sold out a number of times, and we're not surprised. After all, in addition to making the perfect storage, it's a focal piece in itself. Plus, by playing around with things like lighting and hardware, you can really make it your own. Not bad for a piece under $400! Possibly one of the more obvious uses for the Walmart cabinet is as bar storage. Arrange your glassware, favorite liqueurs, and most beautiful cocktail recipe books according to color, or play around with whatever makes you happiest. Not a big drinker? Use it to display your favorite reads instead. You can even tap into the bookshelf wealth interior design trend and pop a few of your favorite artworks or family heirlooms into it. 

Alternatively, if you're planning to give your home office a makeover, you can use it to display degrees, awards, and anything connected to your career — like books you refer to often, the lucky shoes you wore to your first interview for your dream job, or anything that inspires your productivity. Ultimately, whatever you choose to use your cabinet for, you can rest assured that it'll look sleek and sophisticated. That said, there are a few things you can do to add to it. Best of all, you can do it without breaking the bank. 

Turn your Walmart buy into an elevated display cabinet

Whether you plan on using your cabinet as bar storage or a bookcase, turn it into a piece that highlights its contents. You can do so with lighting. While it's sure to make things look expensive, this is an add-on you can do very cheaply. All you'll need are some lighting strips to go under your cabinets, which tend to cost around $20 to $50 per light. For a seamless look, opt for those that match the color of your cabinet, which is available from Walmart in both black and light honey colors. Place these lights at the top or toward the back of each cabinet shelf.

As for the curved top shelf, stick on a puck light. Consider ones that look wooden to match the cabinet, or just get them in black or brown. The great thing about all these options is that they come with rechargeable batteries. That means there's no need for unsightly cables ruining your beautifully curated cabinet (you may just need to remove them to charge, on occasion). Voila! You've got a very expensive-looking cabinet. If you're partial to something a little more ethereal-looking, you could also pop some fairy lights into the cabinet. Arrange the fairy lights around the perimeter of each shelf or weave them through items. Once you've arranged it to your fancy, hide the battery box behind one of your items. 

Swap out your cabinet's hardware for something you love

Other than lighting, you can use your Walmart storage cabinet to make a statement by switching out the hardware. You can play around with different colors, match the pulls to the other hardware in the room you're planning on keeping it — or, if you're feeling playful, tailor it to whatever you'll be using the cabinet for. If you're going the bar storage route, wine bottle-shaped pulls are a fun idea, and go for around $14 on Amazon, as are pulls with wine cork detailing, available at Walmart for under $22. Alternatively, if that's a little too on the nose for you, you could also go for something that coordinates with the contents of your cabinet, like a door pull in burgundy or with a pattern that reminds you of that pricey tequila bottle you'll be keeping forever. 

If you're using your Walmart cabinet for books and art, on the other hand, go for something vintage-inspired from Amazon (plan on around $12), head to your local antique shop to see what's on offer, or for something more out-there, make your own and repurpose old silverware into cabinet handles. No matter how you decide to use your Walmart cabinet, you can do so in a way that makes sense for you and your needs. Your storage is about to get a decidedly chic upgrade — and the fact that you can do it affordably is just the cherry on top.