Prevent Polyester From Shrinking In The Washer & Dryer With These Tips

Although polyester isn't exactly a universally lauded fabric, it has a lot of advantages that shouldn't be ignored. Despite being synthetic, it provides some durability and is lightweight and quick to dry. It's among the fabrics that are least likely to shrink in the wash and is considerably better than wool and cotton at resisting shrinkage. On the other hand, polyester has its limits, and it may shrink if you expose it to a higher temperature than it can handle.

If you want to protect your polyester from shrinking during the washing process, you need to be careful with the washer and dryer and should be mindful of the laundry machine settings you use. Simply selecting the right cycles and temperature settings will help you avoid shrinking polyester and ensure that your garments maintain their size and stay wearable for a long time to come.

If you're already in the habit of washing your clothes in cold water and typically don't set your dryer to "scorching," you're already on the right path. 

To stop shrinking, cold wash is the way to go

To stop polyester from shrinking in the washer, opt for cool and lukewarm temperature settings. Aim to keep the temperatures below 230 degrees Fahrenheit — any higher, and you'll put the fabric at risk. Be sure that you're always checking the label on your polyester garments before washing them and follow all listed instructions. Permanent press is an excellent setting for preventing shrinking in the washer, so consider using it when washing polyester. Finally, remember to turn your polyester garments inside out when washing. While this won't prevent them from shrinking, it will help prevent rips, tears, and discoloration.

When drying the fabric, typical settings are generally okay to use. However, you'll want to avoid using high temperatures that are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Tumble drying should work well because polyester is so quick to dry, but you may even want to consider air-drying your laundry if you want to ensure polyester garments dry safely and without shrinking.